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The Field Journal for Cultural Anthropology

The Field Journal for Cultural Anthropology

March 2019 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Think about the world around you in new and different ways!

The Field Journal for Cultural Anthropology takes students on an active journey of activities and research in order to apply the concepts they learn in the classroom. With over a decade's worth of teaching and researching in anthropology, author Jessica Bodoh-Creed’s interactive book prompts students to practice fieldwork and ethnographic skills such as interviewing, taking field notes, creating maps and kinship charts, and overall gathering of data to become effective researchers. The topics cover the gamut of traditional cultural anthropology making this field journal relatable and engaging for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Individual Activity: Who are you, anthropologically?  
Classroom Activity: Who are you, anthropologically?  
Exercise 1: Cultural Relativism and Ethnocentrism
Class: What would an Anthropologist do?  
Individual: You Are What You Eat  
Exercise 2: Ethics and Ethnography
Class: Studying Students  
Individual: Risky Research  
Exercise 3: Culture
Class: A Taste of Culture  
Individual: Where are you from?  
Exercise 4: Language
Class: How Can You Say That?  
Individual: Say What You Mean  
Exercise 5: Environment
Class: Finding Our Food  
Individual: It's a Farmer's Life for Me  
Exercise 6: Economics
Class: When Jobs Are on the Move  
Individual: It's the Thought that Counts  
Exercise 7: Kinship
Class: Families Are Complicated  
Individual: Choosing to be Family  
Exercise 8: Marriage
Class: Picking A Partner  
Individual: What's the Rush?  
Exercise 9: Gender
Class: A Rainbow of Possibilities  
Individual: A Very Personal Interview  
Exercise 10: Politics
Class: Find One, Find All  
Individual: Choose Your Own Utopia  
Exercise 11: Stratification
Class: Money Can't Buy You Class, Or Can It?  
Individual: What if?  
Exercise 12: Religion
Class: My Lucky Sock!  
Individual: You Gotta Have Faith  
Exercise 13: Art
Class: The Art of the Rivalry  
Individual: Make Your Mark  
Exercise 14: Power
Class: Discover Colonialism  
Individual: Imagine the Outcome  
Exercise 15: Culture Change
Class: Who Are You Wearing?  
Individual: What Matters Most?  
Summary Exercise: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

“VERY useful and fun. I think the students would love them. They go wonderfully with chapters from Nanda’s Cultural Anthropology intro book! I am excited to see this go to print and use it.”                        

Dr. Tiffany M. Blackmon
Northern Virginia Community College

“I like how open-ended the questions are. The exercises do a great job of pushing students out of their comfort zone and into conversations and situations in which they might feel a little silly or even like an ‘outsider’. I think that’s very important for any student of anthropology in order to allow them to take a step back from their own cultural biases and preconceptions.”                                                                      

Heather York
Southern New Hampshire University

“The exercises are simple, short, and to the point. They shouldn't take too long, yet prompt the student to delve deeper into the concepts. I like the format of these exercises.”                   

Joshua Kreger
Northampton Community College

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