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The Digital Marketing Planner

The Digital Marketing Planner
Your Step-by-Step Guide

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January 2022 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Your step-by-step guide to creating your own digital marketing plan.

From assessing a company and creating strategy and objectives, to planning resources and presenting your work. Includes ‘Annmarie’s Advice’, where the author shares her personal experience of digital marketing and extra hints and tips.

This handy planner will instill you with the know-how, skills and confidence you need to form and implement your own strategic plan.

At each step you’ll: 

  1. Learn all the key information you need.
  2. See theory in practice through the running Zoom case example.
  3. Apply what you’ve learnt through 50 interactive activities and build your plan.

Annmarie Hanlon is also the author of the accompanying textbook, Digital Marketing: Strategic Planning & Integration, which includes deeper coverage of digital marketing for students and professionals. Both books can be purchased together in a discounted pack.
Step 1: Assess the background
Step 2: Analyse the audience
Step 3: Create a digital marketing strategy
Step 4: Construct the objectives
Step 5: Justify the resources
Step 6: Build the action plan
Step 7: Evaluate the plan
Step 8: Present the plan


Video about this planner
This handy planner provides you with the know-how, skills and confidence to form and implement your own strategic plan. Watch to find out more.

It was very readable, very easy to use.

Lorcan, postgraduate digital marketing student

I liked the “Fill in the Blanks” task sections. I thought it was very nice to be able to write down in the same place I was learning.

Maeve, postgraduate digital marketing student

I really enjoyed the use of colour to specify each different section and found it to be very fun and inviting.

Shauna, postgraduate digital marketing student

I understood at each step exactly what I had to do and why it was a good idea to do so. 

Anand - 2nd year digital marketing student

As a student, I found it very useful […] Very unique content. 

Paulius, 2nd year digital marketing student

It gives the reader a realistic overview of the real world and real digital marketing situations.

Hugo, 2nd year digital marketing student

The main thing I have struggled with throughout my marketing modules is knowing which steps to include in a plan and when to include them. I think having a clear template would really help motivate me. 

Shannon, postgraduate digital marketing student

I can not see my textbook for instructors

Professor Hongxiao Yu
Economics/Business Dept, Luther College
November 7, 2023

Very practical book - ideal for class assignments to help students navigate in digital marketing planning

Marie-Isabelle Muninger
Marketing, ICHEC - Brussels Management School
January 7, 2024

A very well presented and well laid out book. It is quite a quick read, but it very effective in it's content. It goes through the steps in a very easy to understand way - and well put together. The diagrams/illustrations make it all the more pleasurable to understand the content too.
A great book - even if it's for reference. I would recommend this book to others.

Professor Veena Hirani
Business, North-West Kent College of Technology
July 27, 2022

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