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The Choreography of Presenting

The Choreography of Presenting
The 7 Essential Abilities of Effective Presenters

2nd Edition

A Joint Publication with Learning Forward

July 2024 | 216 pages | Corwin

Dramatically increase your effectiveness as a presenter

Like a well-choreographed dance, an effective presentation involves leading and following, building rapport and trust, sharing passions, and living in the moment. In The Choreography of Presenting, global consultant and educator, Kendall Zoller reveals the common “dance steps” effective presenters employ to create optimum learning environments for their audiences. Following the 7 Essential Abilities of Effective Presenters Framework and emphasizing the importance of planning and flexibility, this thoroughly updated edition includes:

  • A new chapter on how to use the crucial first 5 minutes of any presentation to establish credibility, build connections, and gauge group dynamics
  • A new, timely chapter on designing and facilitating impactful and memorable virtual presentations
  • A new chapter on the structure of presenting, from gathering intel to design with an inward look at yourself
  • Planning tools to prepare presentations with the audience in mind, while also leaving room for spontaneity, improvisation, and necessary detours
  • Personal reflections, case studies, practice prompts, and chapter summaries

Written in a welcoming and humorous style, this guide encapsulates the skills, knowledge, and abilities that effective presenters rely on to ignite their participants’ passion for learning.

Chapter 1: Establish Credibility
Chapter 2: Build and Sustain Rapport
Chapter 3: Read the Group
Chapter 4: Balance Task, Process, and Group Development
Chapter 5: Listen to and Acknowledge Participants
Chapter 6: Respond Appropriately
Chapter 7: Recover With Grace
Chapter 8: Presentation Structure
Chapter 9: The First 5 Minutes
Chapter 10: Presenting Virtually

“In our work as leaders we need to influence and move people as they learn and adopt new ways of working. Leaders must also create a culture where people feel connected and become energized and ready for change. The Choreography of Presenting provides the skills and moves to put learning and new ways of being together in  place and provides the roadmap for making it happen. It is a must read and a necessary tool all leaders need in order to be effective in their roles.” 

Antonia Issa Lahera Ed.D
Graduate Division College of Education, California State University Dominguez Hills

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ISBN: 9781071902349