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Teaching English Language Learners

Teaching English Language Learners
Content and Language in Middle and Secondary Mainstream Classrooms

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January 2009 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Teaching English Language Learners: Content and Language in Middle and Secondary Mainstream Classrooms is a user-friendly guide for planning, implementing, and assessing high-level, content-area instruction for English Language Learners. Starting with an overview of second language acquisition and the cultural variables that impact teaching and learning, this text goes on to detail planning strategies, units and lessons in the subject areas where it is most difficult to shelter content and scaffold language skills: middle and secondary Math, English Language Arts, History, and Science. Teaching English Language Learners will leave preservice teachers with a foundational understanding of how to purposefully structure, build, and present effective lessons for English Language Learners in these mainstream, content-area courses.

Chapter 1. Demographics, History, and the Changing Roles of Teachers
Chapter 2. Second Language Acquisition: What Mainstream Teachers Need to Know
Chapter 3. Culture, Adolescents, and Culturally Responsive Instruction
Chapter 4. Academic Literacy in the Content Areas
Chapter 5. Planning for Enduring Understanding
Chapter 6. Connecting With Context: Assessments and Essential Questions
Chapter 7. Assessing Content and Language
Chapter 8. Making Content Comprehensible
Chapter 9. Building Academic Language
Chapter 10. Putting It Together in the Science Classroom
Chapter 11. Putting It Together in the Mathematics Classroom
Chapter 12. Putting It Together in the History Classroom
Chapter 13. Putting It Together in the English Language Arts Classroom

This comprehensive discussion of content instruction for English language learners provides detailed information on planning and implementing effective instruction in math, science, social studies, and language arts. The authors include a thorough treatment of topics that middle and secondary teachers are often not exposed to in their teacher training, including second language acquisition, academic literacy, and building academic language, all discussed in the context of the content area classroom. The second part of the text devotes a separate chapter to each of the four content areas discussed, complete with lesson plans prepared by master teachers and mini-lessons for language development. The entire book is filled with practical ideas for making content area information accessible to English language learners. This is a resource that content area teachers will come back to again and again

Michaela Wyman Colombo and Dana Furbush
University of Massachusetts Lowell

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