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Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing
Managerial - Ecological Issues

March 1999 | 407 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`In Sustainable Marketing Donald Fuller has made a timely and considered contribution to the marketing literature. With the environment increasingly being recognised as a legitimate element in marketing theory and practice, Fuller's book serves as a useful introduction for those who have yet to get to grips with what this might entail. The book is clearly written, and since it is structured around the traditional 4P's of the marketing mix, should be easily digestible by marketing academics and practitioners alike' - Journal of Marketing Management

`In Sustainable Marketing Donald Fuller has made a timely contribution to the marketing literature.... The book is a practical and wide-ranging examination of how marketing can become more ecologically sensitive.... Fuller should be commended on putting tegether a comprehensive and authoritative text.' - Marketing Review

There has long been a gap for a text that bridges the fundamental ecological issues facing society and modern marketing. This is that text. Following an ecological imperative, Fuller, explores the reasons for studying sustainable marketing in 8 key chapters which encompass strategy, products, channel networks, Communications, pricing and market development. At a time when one is looking at global warming, hydrocarbon taxes, air and water pollution and increased incidences of respiratory diseases this is a very opportune text.

In the UK, BAA have just launched a sustainable company strategy for its business and this is the book that outlines what that approach means for the modern marketer.

This text is much needed and long overdue for the modern senior marketer or manager.

This is the book about building into the marketing approach sustainability so that we do have descendants.

Good quality high level text for those who are serious about marketing.' - Phil Harris, Manchester Metropolitian University

This comprehensive text recognizes marketing as the key to the success of ecologically sound products.

The book explains how marketing mix decisions can and do influence environmental outcomes. Donald A Fuller advocates the conversion of consumption systems to a sustainable paradigm that represents a circular use of resources, not the linear approach that leads to the pollution of ecosystems.

Sustainable Marketing
An Overview

New Decision Boundaries
The Product System Life-Cycle

Sustainable Marketing Strategies
Sustainable Products
Sustainable Channel Networks
Sustainable Marketing Communications
Sustainable Pricing
Markets and Market Development

"This is the most authoritative and carefully and thoroughly documented treatment of what is generally known as green marketing that I’m aware of." 

Peter Gillett
University of Central Florida

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