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Survey Research and Sampling

Survey Research and Sampling

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March 2022 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Part of The SAGE Quantitative Research Kit, This book is an ideal companion for those looking to undertake survey research. Anchored by lots of case studies of real research and expert interviews to strengthen your understanding, it provides guidance on:

  • Selecting the best sampling method for your research
  • Designing questionnaires to ensure you gather valuable data
  • Collecting your data to represent populations well
  • Piloting questionnaires to ensure quality research

Students typically find sampling demanding, but it is one of the most important skills learnt by undergraduates. Jan Eichorn gives them the know-how and confidence needed to succeed in their quantitative methodology and research journey.

Sampling Approaches: How to achieve representativeness
Sampling mode: how we actually collect the data
Questionnaire design: asking the right questions
Ensuring survey quality: piloting, checks and cross-cultural comparability

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