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Successful Practice Learning for Nursing Students

Successful Practice Learning for Nursing Students

Second Edition

June 2011 | 144 pages | Learning Matters
Pre-registration student nurses spend 50% of their training in practice which provides a wealth of opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills. However, many new students find themselves in a clinical environment which is foreign and confusing. The new edition of this popular book (formerly Learning to Learn in Nursing Practice) helps nursing students prepare for their practice learning experiences, and get the most out of them in order to achieve the required standards. This book is, first and foremost, a practical guide for students on developing learning skills during their practice experiences.
What Is Practice Learning?
How Do I Learn?
Preparing for Practice
Working with My Mentor
Planning My Practice Experience
Independent Learning in Practice
Using Feedback to Learn
Succeeding in Practice

'This book, part of the Transforming Nursing Practice series, is a revelation. I enjoyed it an would recommend it to every nursing student and those returning to practice. I just wish this book had been around when I began my return to practice' -
Nursing Standard

"Smacks of authenticity - it's clearly written by someone with first hand knowledge of placement learning. I liked this book very much indeed' -
Lecturer, NWE

I use this on open days for applicants considering nursing as a career

Mrs Vanessa Heaslip
School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University
February 10, 2015

Although this well clearly written book is aimed at student nurses it is extremely useful to support new mentors undertaking their mentorship course. it gives an insight and an understanding of what may occur in practice , their expectations of students and mentors alike as well as demonstarting the potential ways of enhancing the learning experiences

Mrs Lisa Lawton
Faculty of education, Heart of England NHS Trust
September 12, 2013

Any text that discusses the importance of sound clinical skills and how to learn from practice should be recommended to all students for the three year programme.

Mr David Blesovsky
School of Health Science, Swansea University
March 1, 2013

The positive aspects of this book include the 'useful websites' and common sense approach to practice learning - I have also found this text useful for mentor preparation/support.

Ms Alison Owen Traynor
Department of Health, Social Care, Glyndwr University
October 3, 2012

I will be recommending this text to colleagues as an addition to the student non essential reading list.
I particularly liked the links to NMC standards and the activity based approach.
I am a little concerned that many of the references used in the book are from the 1990s. This will limit the longevity of the book. Finally I was pleased to see that the language used in this book is both modern and accessible. I look forward to seeing other books from this series

Mrs Elaine Walker
Faculty of health and social care, Open University in Scotland
September 13, 2012

Excellent resource for students prior to starting their practice experiences
Would recommend this book for students prior to commencing the programme and in their first term
The student and mentors responsibilities are clearly outlined and the scenarios are very current

Mrs Karen Cooper
Department of Nursing, Bournemouth University
July 22, 2012

Helpful for both students and mentors in the preparation of developing a good learning environment for those in practice.

Ms Avril Hocking
Department of Family Care and Mental Health, Greenwich University
June 1, 2012

very useful book to develop the students knowledge and skills whilst on practice placement. useful resource for mentors and education facilitators highlighted by case studies and scenarios

Mr Hywel Thomas
College of Human and Health science, Swansea University
May 31, 2012

Really useful book in year one of the course when students are going out to placement. Good supporting reference book in the latter years as well.

Miss Moira Walker
Nursing, Bedfordshire University
May 25, 2012