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Striking the Balance

Striking the Balance
Debating Criminal Justice and Law

March 2017 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Award-winning professor and author Matthew Lippman enhances teaching and learning with his newest text, Striking the Balance: Debating Criminal Justice and Law. Organizing the book around clashing points of view on contemporary issues in criminal justice and criminal law, Lippman puts each debate into context for students to help them develop a better understanding of the issue. Designed to develop the reader’s critical thinking skills, the text offers students summaries of contrasting views from original sources, questions for classroom discussion, and engaging “You Decide” activities. Additionally, chapter topics are independent of one another, giving instructors the flexibility to customize the material to their individual course organization. Edited to minimize technical legal terms, the text is the perfect companion to any criminal law or introductory criminal justice textbook.  

PART 1. Introduction
PART 2. Criminal and Regulatory Laws
2.1 Constitutional Restrictions: Assault Rifles
2.2 Constitutional Restrictions: Hate Crimes
2.3 Criminal Defenses: Stand Your Ground Laws
2.4 Criminal Defenses: Battered Spouse Syndrome
2.5 Criminal Defenses: The Fleeing Felon Rule
2.6 Criminal Defenses: Entrapment
2.7 Crimes Against the Person: Assisted Suicide
2.8 Crimes Against the Person: Felony Murder
2.9 Crimes Against the Person: The Gay Panic Defense
2.10 Crimes Against the Person: Chemical Battery
2.11 Crimes Against Public Order and Morality: Prostitution
PART 3. The Administration of Justice
3.1 Guilty Pleas: Plea Bargaining
3.2 Juries: Peremptory Challenges
3.3 Juries: Nullification
3.4 Evidence: Rap Music
3.5 Sentencing: Mandatory Minimum Sentences
PART 4. Prison, Punishment, and the Eighth Amendment
4.1 Prison: Solitary Confinement
4.2 Punishment: Life Imprisonment for Juvenile Homicide Offenders
4.3 Capital Punishment: The Death Penalty
4.4 Capital Punishment: The Death Penalty for the Rape of a Child
4.5 Capital Punishment: Lethal Injection
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