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State and Local Government

State and Local Government

2018-2019 Edition
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State & Local Politics

March 2019 | 168 pages | CQ Press
“I think it does an excellent job writing about current events in a manner that is accessible to students. I also like that it covers a wide range of topics.”
—Christopher Clark, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Featuring a new collection of compelling readings from respected sources, State and Local Government hits all the crucial marks for your political science course. Year after year, these highly readable and up-to-date articles cover the significant issues. The 2018–2019 Edition covers topics such as the increasing ideological conflicts between state and federal governments and between state and local governments; voter ID laws; the continuing financial struggles of local governments; and K–12 and higher education reforms. With the context and currency you have come to expect as hallmarks of Kevin B. Smith's reader, this edition brings timely and sharp analysis into your state and local government classroom.

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Governing States and Localities: The Essentials Use ISBN: 978-1-5443-6109-3
Donald F. Kettl, Governing
1. Three Events That Shaped Modern Federalism
Peter Harkness, Governing
2. The Fractured State of Federalism
National Conference of State Legislatures, State Legislatures Magazine
3. Dynamic Tension: A Conversation about Federalism
Sophie Quinton, Stateline
4. Expect More Conflict between Cities and States
Alan Greenblatt, Governing
5. Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission May Be Dead, but His Quest Continues
Rebecca Beitsch, Stateline
6. Lawmakers Look to Curb Foreign Influence in State Elections
Tim Anderson, Council of State Governments
7. Redistricting, Reconsidered
Mike Maciag, Governing
8. Millennials Let Their Grandparents Decide Local Elections
Joe Garofoli, Governing
9. Election of California Democrats’ Leader Exposes Party’s Divide
Alan Greenblatt, Governing
10. Is the GOP’s Tea Party Over?
Donald F. Kettl, Governing
11. Lobbyists Leave Capitol Hill for the States
Scott Rodd, Stateline
12. Lobbyist Gift-Giving at Issue in More States
Duranya Freeman, State Legislatures Magazine
13. Back Stories: Legislators Bring a Variety of Interesting Experiences to Their Statehouse Jobs
John Mahoney, State Legislatures Magazine
14. The Politically Perilous Pay Problem
Michael Gioia, State Legislatures Magazine
15. The Accidental Librarian
Jen Fifield, Stateline
16. Statehouse Sexual Harassment Tally: Eighteen Lawmakers Gone or Punished
Louis Jacobson, Governing
17. These Governors Are Rich, but Are They Effective?
Alan Greenblatt, Governing
18. Citing Costs, Some GOP Governors Refuse to Hold Special Elections
Alan Greenblatt, Governing
19. For or Against Trump? The Question Candidates for Governor Can’t Escape
Geoffrey Skelley, Sabato’s Crystal Ball
20. Stepping Up: How Governors Who Have Succeeded to the Top Job Have Performed over the Years
J. B. Wogan, Governing
21. Judicial Redistricting: Issue Politicians Don’t Want to Discuss
Alan Greenblatt, Governing
22. How Old Is Too Old to Be a Judge? Voters in 4 States Got to Decide
Lisa Soronen, Capitol Ideas Magazine
23. Federalism and the U.S. Supreme Court: Past, Present and Future
Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, Governing
24. America’s Jails Have an HR Problem
John M. Bernard, Governing
25. Government’s Vital Role in Helping People Thrive
The Pew Charitable Trusts
26. State Human Resources Directors Seek to Address Workforce Challenges
Sophie Quinton, Stateline
27. Teacher Shortages Linger in Many States
John Buntin, Governing
28. Outside Disneyland, a Reminder for Governments to Be Careful What They Wish For
John Buntin, Governing
29. In the Elusive Search for Affordable Housing, Clues Emerge
Sophie Quinton, Stateline
30. Why Some Cities Are Buying Trailer Parks
Barb Rosewicz and Daniel Newman, The Pew Charitable Trusts
31. Despite Slow Growth, Tax Revenue Has Recovered in 29 States
Alan Greenblatt, Governing
32. How Did America’s Richest State Become Such a Fiscal Mess?
Daniel C. Vock, Governing
33. The Federal Tax Overhaul May Boost States’ Bottom Lines, but Some Governors Don’t Want the Money
Allison Hiltz, State Legislatures Magazine
34. Facts before Funding
Christine Vestal, Stateline
35. In Opioid Epidemic, States Intensify Prescription Drug Monitoring
Natalie Delgadillo, Governing
36. Are Massachusetts Gun Laws a Model for the Country?
Matt Vasilogambros, Stateline
37. Is Your County Elections Clerk Ready for Russian Hackers?
Mindy Fetterman, Stateline
38. Despite Secession Talk, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

“I think it does an excellent job writing about current events in a manner that is accessible to students. I also like that it covers a wide range of topics.”

Christopher Clark
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“I am very happy with the Smith textbook. I like the organization of the chapters and the overall content and updated information. I started using the book a few years ago and do not plan to change the book anytime soon.”

Dina Krois
Lansing Community College

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