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Social Psychology

Social Psychology

August 2011 | 272 pages | Learning Matters
This introductory social psychology text addresses the core knowledge domains of the subject, with key chapters on understanding identities, attribution theory, attitudinal research, social influence, racism and prejudice, class and exclusions, methodologies of social psychology and discursive psychology. It provides concise and focused coverage of the central concepts, research and debates in this key area, while developing students' higher level skills.

Activities help readers build the underpinning generic critical thinking and transferable skills they need in order to become independent learners, and to meet the relevant requirements of their programme of study.

Stereotypes, Prejudice and Racism
Social Influence: Persuasion
Social Influence: Conformity, Compliance and Group Processes
Pro-Social Behaviour
Gender and Social Psychology
Close Relationships
Keeping the Social in Social Psychology: The Importance of Context

Not essential as the level of content is in between what they need at each level - i.e. too much to buy for Level 3, but not in depth enough to see them through the core module at Level 5.
Good focused further reading (at the end of each chapter) for this level.

Dr Rosemary Stock
Psychology, Social Work and Human Sciences, University of West London
September 26, 2013

A good book to help 3rd students gain a more universal perspective on the subject

Mr Andrew Southgate
Adult Nursing Department, Canterbury Christ Church University
December 17, 2012

This book will be useful reading for students following aspects of psychology within their programme.

Mrs Alana Enoch
Faculty of Education and Training, University of Wales, Trinity St David
October 3, 2012

A useful book to provide additional reading for students who choose to pursue this optional aspect of the course.

Mrs Helen Lewis
Education , University of Wales, Trinity St David
July 18, 2012

Other text chosen

Ms Sara Paterson
Social Work , University of Applied Science
July 3, 2012

A very useful book which provides essential detail on key issues within social psychology.

Will be recommending to all students and the college library.

Nicola Michael
Dept of Learning Resources, Merthyr Tydfil College
July 2, 2012

This book is useful particularly when used in conjunction with the 'test questions' edition.

Dr Sharon Preston
Dept of Health & Social Studies, Bolton University
May 7, 2012

Excellent book. It covers all the main areas in social psychology clearly and concisely. Excellent to see social representations theory and discursive psychology explained so well.

Dr Fiona McSweeney
Social Science , Dublin Institute of Technology
April 16, 2012

Not a suitable scholarly level for our students

Dr Patrick Hylton
Psychology department, Lincoln University
March 29, 2012