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Social Policy for Children and Families

Social Policy for Children and Families
A Risk and Resilience Perspective

Fourth Edition
Edited by:

August 2021 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Written in a conversational and applied style, Social Policy for Children and Families is an award-winning book that incorporates cutting-edge research across policy sectors in the human services. 

New editors William James Hall III and Paul J. Lanier, in collaboration with Jeffrey M. Jenson and Mark W. Fraser, have carefully crafted this 4th edition to include balanced coverage across areas of poverty, child welfare, education, public health, developmental challenges, substance use, immigration, juvenile justice, and gun violence. 

This book is an ideal core text for graduate and upper level undergraduate courses and a vital resource for elected officials, policy makers, and others interested in the evolution of policies aimed at preventing problem behaviors and supporting children and families.

William J. Hall & Paul Lanier
Jeffrey M. Jenson and Mark W. Fraser
1. A Risk and Resilience Framework for Child, Youth, and Family Policy
Trina R. Williams Shanks and Sandra K. Danziger
2. Anti-poverty Policies and Programs for Children and Families
Peter J. Pecora and Markell Harrison-Jackson
3. Child Welfare Policies and Programs
Andy J. Frey, Myrna R. Mandlawitz, Armon R. Perry, and Hill M. Walker
4. Education Policy for Children, Youth, and Families
Mary E. Fraser and Paul Lanier
5. Child Mental Health Policy: Promise Without Fulfillment?
Kathleen A. Rounds, William J. Hall, and Guadalupe V. Huitron
6. Health Policy for Children and Youth
Susan L. Parish, Alison W. Saville, and Jamie G. Swaine
7. Policies and Programs for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Elizabeth K. Anthony, Jeffrey M. Jenson, and Matthew O. Howard
8. Policies and Programs for Adolescent Substance Abuse
Megan Finno-Velasquez, Anayeli Lopez, Sophia Sepp, and Marianna Corkill
9. Social Policy for Immigrant Children and Families
Amy Blank Wilson, Jonathan Phillips, Melissa Villodas, Anna Parisi, and Ehren Dohler
10. Juvenile Justice Policies and Programs
Chris A. Rees and Eric W. Fleegler
11. Firearm Fatalities and Injuries in the United States: An Unnecessary Epidemic?
Paul Lanier, William J. Hall, Jeffrey M. Jenson, and Mark W. Fraser
12. Toward the Integration of Child, Youth, and Family Policy: Applying Principles of Risk, Resilience, and Ecological Theory

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