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Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Five Volume Set
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June 2008 | 2 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This landmark work is the first of its kind to disseminate research that spans small businesses and entrepreneurship.

Edited by two world-class experts on small businesses and entrepreneurship, this major work contains leading papers that include the most provocative and influential contributions to have been published in this area.

Papers reflect the principles of theoretical grounding, empirical rigour and popularity and capture the richness and variety of this burgeoning and dynamic field.

The Developing Domain of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
L Busenitz, G P West, D Shepherd, T Nelson, G N Chandler & A Zacharakis
Entrepreneurship Research in Emergence
Past Trends and Future Directions

W B Gartner
Is There an Elephant in Entrepreneurship? Blind Assumptions in Theory Development
M B Low
The Adolescence of Entrepreneurship Research
Specification and Purpose

S Shane & S Venkataraman
The Promise of Entrepreneurship as a Field of Research
D Ucbasaran, P Westhead & M Wright
The Focus of Entrepreneurial Research
Contextual and Process Issues

Methodological Issues and Debates
P Davidsson & J Wiklund
Levels of Analysis in Entrepreneurship Research
Current Research Practice and Suggestions for the Future

R Holliday
Working in the Field
J Cope
Researching Entrepreneurship through Phenomenological Inquiry
Philosophical Issues

L Perren & M Ram
Case Study Method in Small Business and Entrepreneurial Research
Mapping Boundaries and Perspectives

Discourses and Critiques of the Field
U Hytti
New Meanings for Entrepreneurs
From Risk-Taking Heroes to Safe-Seeking Professionals

J O Ogbor
Mythicizing and Reification in Entrepreneurial Discourse
Ideaology - Critique of Entrepreneurial Studies

L Perren & P Jennings
Government Discourses on Entrepreneurship
Issues of Subjugation and Power

Owner-Managers and Entrepreneurs
L Busenitz & J Barner
Differences Between Entrepreneurs and Managers in Large Organizations
Biases and Heuristics in Strategic Decision-Making

J W Carland, F Hoy, W R Boulton & J A C Carland
Differentiating Entrepreneurs from Small Business Owners
A Conceptualization

E Chell
The Entrepreneurial Personality
A Few Ghosts Laid to Rest

J Katz
A Psychosocial Cognitive Model of Employment Status Choice
Female Entrepreneurship and Feminist Perspectives
H Ahl
Why Research on Women Entrepreneurs Needs New Directions
M Mallon & L Cohen
Time for a Change? Women's Accounts of the Move from Organizational Careers to Self-Employment
B J Bird & C G Brush
A Gendered Perspective on Organizational Creation
C Brush
Research on Women Business Owners
Past Trends, a New Perspective and Future Directions

E M Fischer, A R Reuber & L S Dyke
A Theoretical Overview and Extension of Research on Sex, Gender, and Entrepreneurship
K. Mirchandani
Feminist Insights on Gendered Work
New Directions in Research on Women and Entrepreneurship

Immigrant and Ethnic Minority Businesses
H E Aldrich & R Waldinger
Ethnicity and Entrepreneurship
G Barrett, T Jones & D McEvoy
Ethnic Minority Business Support
Theoretical Discourse in Britain and North America

Continues from Immigrant and Ethnic Minority Businesses
T Bates
Minority Business Access to Mainstream Markets
R Fairlie
The Absence of African-American Owned Business
An Analysis of the Dynamics of Self-Employment

M Ram, T Abbas, B Sanghera, G Barlow & T Jones
Apprentice Entrepreneurs? Ethnic Minority Workers in the Independent Restaurant Sector
J Rath & R Kloosterman
Outsiders' Business
A Critical Review of Research on Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Family Business
H E Aldrich & J E Cliff
The Pervasive Effects of Family on Entrepreneurship
Toward a Family Embeddedness Perspective

J J Chrisman, J H Chua & P Sharma
Trends and Directions in the Development of a Strategic Management Theory of the Family Firm
A Stewart
Help One Another, Use One Another
Toward an Anthropology of Family Business

International Comparisons
C Baughn, B L Chua & K E Neupert
The Normative Context for Women's Participation in Entrepreneurship
A Multi-Country Study

T M Begley & W Tan
The Sociocultural Environment for Entrepreneurship
A Comparison Between East Asian and Anglo-Saxon Countries

A Freytag & R Thurik
Entrepreneurship and its Determinants in a Cross-Country Setting
P D Reynolds, D J Storey & P Westhead
Cross-National Comparisons of the Variation in New Firm Formation Rates
Social Enterprise
J Austin, H Stevenson & J Wei-Skillern
Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship
Same, Different or Both?

E Chell
Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Towards a Convergent Theory of the Entrepreneurial Process

J Mair & I Marti
Social Entrepreneurship Research
A Source of Explanation, Prediction, and Delight

J Coombs & D Ketchen
Why Do Firms Use Franchising as an Entrepreneurial Strategy? A Meta-Analysis
P J Kauffman & R P Dant
Multi-Unit Franchising
Growth and Management Issues

J Stanworth & J Curran
Colas, Shakers and Burgers
T Bates
Self-Employment Entry Across Industry Groups
B Hamilton
Does Entrepreneurship Pay? An Empirical Analysis of the Returns to Self-Employment
B Granger, J Stanworth & C Stanworth
Self-Employment Career Dynamics
The Case of `Unemployment Push' in UK Book Publishing

D G Blanchflower
More May Not be Better

Entrepreneurship and Small Firms in Transition and Developing Economies
M W Peng & P Heath
The Growth of the Firm in Planned Economies in Transition
Institutions, Organizations, and Strategic Choice

M J Pisani & J A Paán
Self-Employment in the Era of the New Economic Model in Latin America
A Case Study of Nicaragua

K Robert & C Zhou
New Private Enterprises in Three Transitional Contexts
Central Europe, the Former Soviet Union and China

D Smallbone & F Welter
The Distinctiveness of Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies
Globalization and Internationalization
E Autio, H Sapienza & J Almeida
Effects of Age at Entry, Knowledge Intensity and Imitabilty on International Growth
F Iqbal & S Urata
Small Firm Dynamism in East Asia
An Introductory Overview

M V Jones & N E Coviello
Internationalisation: Conceptualizing an Entrepreneurial Process of Behaviour in Time
B M Oviatt & P P McDougall
Defining International Entrepreneurship and Modelling the Speed of Internationalization
New Venture Creation
T Baker, A S Miner & D T Eesley
Improvising Firms
Bricolage, Account Giving and Improvisational Competencies in the Founding Process

C G Brush, L Edelman & T Manolova
Properties of Emerging Organizations
An Empirical Test

N Carter, W B Gartner & Reynolds
Exploring Start-Up Event Sequences
N F Krueger, M D Reilly & A L Carsrud
Competing Models of Entrepreneurial Intentions
Challenges of Development, Growth and Performance
J R Baum, E A Locke & K G Smith
A Multi-Dimensional Model Venture Growth
J G Covin & D P Slevin
Strategic Management of Small Firms in Hostile and Benign Environments
K Eisenhardt & C Schoonhoven
Organizational Growth
Linking Founding Team, Strategy, Environment and Growth Among US Semiconductor Ventures, 1978-1988

K C Robinson
An Examination of the Influence of Industry Structure on Eight Alternative Measures of New Venture Performance for High Potential Independent New Ventures
Business Planning
F Delmar & S Shane
Does Business Planning Facilitate the Development of New Ventures?
C Mason & M Stark
What do Investors Look for in a Business Plan? A Comparison of the Investment Criteria of Bankers, Venture Capitalists and Business Angels
B Honig & T Karlsson
Institutional Forces and the Written Business Plan
Finance and Financial Management
A N Berger & G F Udell
The Economics of Small Business Finance
The Roles of Private Equity and Debt Markets in the Financial Growth Cycle

K S Cavalluzzo, L C Cavalluzzo & J D Wolken
Competition, Small Business Financing and Discrimination
Evidence From a New Survey

P G Greene, C G Brush, M M Hart & P Saparito
Patterns of Venture Capital Funding
Is Gender a Factor?

R P Oakey
Innovation and Regional Growth in Small High Technology Firms
Evidence from Britain and the USA

D Smallbone, M Ram, D Deakins & R Baldock
Access to Finance by Ethnic Minority Businesses in the UK
Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
M S Cardon & C E Stevens
Managing Human Resources in Small Organizations
What Do We Know?

S Marlow
Human Resource Management in Smaller Firms
A Contradiction in Terms?

J Curran & J Stanworth
A New Look at Job Satisfaction in the Small Firm
C Moule
Regulation of Work in Small Firms
R Barrett & A Rainnie
What's So Special about Small Firms? Developing and Integrated Approach to Analysing Small Firm Industrial Relations
M Ram & P Edwards
Praising Caesar Not Burying Him
What We Know About Employment Relations in Small Firms

Marketing and Marketing Strategies
D J Carson
The Evolution of Marketing in Small Firms
N E Coviello, R J Brodie & H J Munro
An Investigation of Marketing Practice by Firm Size
R Scase & R Goffee
Coping with the Market
R C Shrader
Collaboration and Performance in Foreign Markets
The Case of Young High-Technology Manufacturing Firms

Networking and External Relations
R J Bennett & M Ramsden
The Contribution of Business Associations to SMEs
Strategy, Bundling or Reassurance?

B Johannisson, M Ramírez-Pasillas & G Karlsson
The Institutional Embeddedness of Local Inter-Firm Networks
A Leverage for Business Creation

S L Jack
The Role, Use and Activation of Strong and Weak Network Ties
A Qualitative Analysis

B Uzzi
Social Structure and Competition in Inter-Firm Networks
The Paradox of Embeddedness

Contributions to the Economy
D Anderson & R Thurik
Capitalism and Democracy in the 21st Century
From the Managed to the Entrepreneurial Economy

D Audretsch & M Keilbach
Entrepreneurship Capital and Economic Performance
W J Baumol
Productive, Unproductive and Destructive

A E Burke
Self-Employment Wealth and Job Creation
The Roles of Gender, Non-Pecuniary Motivation and Entrepreneurial Ability

S Wennekers & R Thurik
Linking Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth
Public Policy and State Intervention
J Curran
What is Small Business Policy in the UK For? Evaluation and Assessing Small Business Policies
F J Greene, K Mole & D J Storey
Does More Mean Worse? Three Decades of Enterprise Policy in the Tees Valley
A Gibb
SME Policy, Academic Research and the Growth of Ignorance, Mythical Concepts, Myths, Assumptions, Rituals and Confusions
A van Stel, D J Storey & A R Thurik
The Effect of Business Regulations on Nascent and Young Business Entrepreneurship
D J Storey
Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Public Policies
Entrepreneurship Education
D R DeTienne & G N Chandler
Opportunity Identification and Its Role in the Entrepreneurial Classroom: A Pedagogical Approach and Empirical Test
J Fiet
The Theoretical Side of Teaching Entrepreneurship
J Katz
The Chronology and Intellectual Trajectory of American Entrepreneurship Education 1876-1999
C Leitch & R Harrison
A Process Model for Entrepreneurship Education and Development
D Rae & M Carswell
Towards a Conceptual Understanding of Entrepreneurial Learning
Business Exit and Transfer
B Headd
Redefining Business Success
Distinguishing Between Closure and Failure

R McGrath
Falling Forward
Real Options Reasoning and Entrepreneurial Failure

D Stokes & R A Blackburn
Learning the Hard Way
The Lessons of Owner-Managers Who Have Closed Their Businesses


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