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Skills for counselling young people

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Counsellors of children and young people are required to provide counselling for individuals with different characters, different problems, and of different ages. For each child there will be an approach that is best suited to them. Nevertheless, there are a number of child counselling skills which can be used irrespective of the differences between their needs. Here we share a collection of materials with advice and guidance on these necessary skills.

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Skills for working in
in groups

What are the benefits of group work when working with young people? Take a look at this free chapter.

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Skills needed for different 
age groups

You will need to employ different skills for different age groups. Read this list of recommended skills for 5 to 9, 10 to 13 and 14 to 18 year olds. 

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Therapeutic Skills for
Counselling Children and Young People

Read this free chapter to discover the therapeutic skills that are essential when working with children and young people

Video icon Counselling in Schools

Working in school environments can be challenging, and the role of the school counsellor can be particularly demanding.  In this video, from the SAGE Counselling Video Collection, Valerie Weston shares her knowledge on parent communication, providing a safe space for pupils, and allowing pupils to express themselves in many different ways.

SAGE Counselling Video Collection - Counselling in Schools