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Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars
Spectacle, Society and Celebrity Culture

First Edition

February 2009 | 220 pages | SAGE India
Seeing Stars: Spectacle, Society and Celebrity Culture explores the ways in which celebrities are 'manufactured', how they establish their hold on the public imagination and how social responses enable them to be what they are.

Celebrity culture is marked by three main responses: adulation, identification and emulation. These responses are generated as a result of media constructions of celebrities. Therefore, celebrity culture needs to be studied as a consequence of new forms of media representation and mass culture. The author aims to explore this phenomenon, especially from the 1990s. It is a popular introduction to celebrity culture and a new 'society of spectacle' that is visible in India today through a rigorous analyses of a range of media sources.

Who Wants to be a Celebrity?
A Star is Born: Constructing Celebrity
Star Power: The Celebrity as Spectacle
Star Spotting: Celebrity and Scandal
With Stars in our Eyes: Consuming Celebrity
Conclusion: The New Cool of Celebrity Culture

Nayar’s book on celebrity culture examines the processes through which celebrities are constructed and packaged as ‘consumer products’…The chapters in the book reveal that celebrity culture is a revealing lens through which to view significant cultural shifts taking place in contemporary urban India. The analysis of celebrity culture in the book unravels changing conceptions of legitimacy, authority and credibility that are at work in Indian culture today…[The book] will be of great interest to students of consumption studies and consumer culture, media studies, celebrity studies, popular culture, and cultural studies, and Asian studies.

Contributions to Indian Sociology

The book definitely marks the arrival of cultural studies in the department of literature in the country.

The Tribune

The style is informal and breezy, but the information is solid and in-depth, so it is accessible to readers beyond the purely academic. It offers interesting insights into an aspect of popular culture that is all around us and governs our lives in a hundred ways, yet we rarely give much thought to the phenomenon. Seeing stars should certainly wake us all up.

The New Indian Express

Seeing Stars has a resonance that goes beyond the academic sphere. It holds up a mirror to what we have become as a society.

Mail Today

A rare study of celebrity and Page3 culture in India, the book, explores “celebrity ecology” in order to understand the processes that transform a celebrity into a “consumer product”.

The Financial Express

This is a valuable book, and would be of interest to scholars and lay readers alike.

The Telegraph

A great source for students in film studies

Dr Sermin Tag Kalafatoglu
Department of Cinema and Television, Ordu University
October 5, 2015

The book critically examines celebrity and celebrity culture in general, and Indian celebritiy and celebrity culture in particular. With critical insight, it introduces a wide range of literature on celebrity and locates celebrity issues in socio-cultural, historical and political contexts.

Dr Miyoung Oh
Department of Sport, Sheffield Hallam University
December 15, 2010

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