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Teaching Research Methods: How to Make It Meaningful to Students

Wednesday October 29 at 11AM PST

Gregg Van Ryzin
Gregg Van Ryzin
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Dahlia Remler
Dahlia Remler
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How do you capture your students' attention in your Research Methods course? What works, and what doesn't? What are some of the challenges you face, and how do you overcome them?

Join SAGE authors Gregg Van Ryzin and Dahlia Remler as they share their vast experience and approach to teaching Research Methods to students with diverse interests and different degrees of prior training. In this new webinar, you will learn how they convey to students that research matters in their fields. They'll cover often-challenging topics, such as:

  • Incorporating real-world examples of research into your teaching
  • Encouraging students to distinguish causation from correlation
  • Using intuitive path models to think about multivariate relationships
  • Additional engaging approaches
  • Join us as they demonstrate how to best apply an array of fundamental ideas in the practice of teaching Research Methods.

The 30 minute presentation will be followed by additional time for Q&A

Space is limited for this special engagement, so reserve your place today!

Gregg and Dahlia are the authors of Research in Practice: Strategies for Description and Causation, Second Edition. Learn more about their book and request your complimentary review copy.

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