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SAGE New System Implementation

In May 2018 SAGE will be implementing new systems that will improve our customer experience, including order processing and fulfillment of our products. The outcome will be a better customer experience and a more expedited service from SAGE.

Due to these changes, we will be suspending our operations for a period equivalent to 6 working days to enable these upgrades. We have included a FAQ that we hope will hopefully address any questions you may have; however should you have any additional questions regarding our upgrades or your account in general, please feel free to contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is it happening?

  • At the end of our working day on Thursday 26 April 2018 our current order processing system will be decommissioned ahead of our new fulfilment system commencing.
  • Our new systems will be operational Tuesday 8 May.

NB we have been working with our UK wholesaler partners to ensure that our key titles are appropriately stocked to cover any urgent need in the cut-over period. However there will be a period of 6 working days when you will not be able to order directly from SAGE and or shipments directly.

2. What will happen during the cut-over period?

  • Approved credit orders received and processed by 12 noon on Thursday 26 April will be shipped as usual.
  • Orders placed by EDI, PubEasy or TeleOrdering by 12 noon on Thursday 26 April will be shipped as usual.
  • Proforma orders for which payments are processed by 12 noon on Thursday 26 April will be shipped as usual.
  • Orders placed by EDI, PubEasy or TeleOrdering after 12 noon Thursday 26 April (and during cut-over) will be held. They will be processed and shipped in the order they were received from Tuesday 8 May.
  • All orders received by post, phone, fax and email at SAGE Customer Services after 12 noon Thursday 26 April (and during cut-over) will be recorded and processed from Tuesday 8 May.
  • No order dispatch will occur after Friday 27 April and before Tuesday 8 May.
  • Invoicing (including proforma invoices and quotation requests) will not occur between Friday 27 April and Tuesday 8 May.
  • Returns will not be processed between Friday 20 April and Tuesday 8 May.
  • We will not be able to provide accurate information about our stock holding between Friday 27 April and Tuesday 8 May.  This will mean that we will not be providing daily price and availability feeds during the cut-over period. Price and availability feeds will begin again on Tuesday 8 May.
  • For our credit customers we will be unable to provide copy invoices, statements or answer any account queries during cut-over. Any enquiries or requests received during this period will be responded to after Tuesday 8 May. There will be no statements of account between the end of April and the end of May

3. How will my ordering change with the new system?

  • You will be given a new account number soon after the new system is operational. Should you need to place an order prior to receiving it, we can use your previous account number BOP which will remain active for several months, allowing you time to update your records.
  • EDI, PubEasy and TeleOrdering will continue as normal after cut-over, and we will be using your current SAN number(s); you will not need to change.
  • We will continue to include invoices in parcels, as well as supplying electronically. Invoice numbers will appear on parcel labels as currently.

4. Are discounts going to change?

  • SAGE will be moving from discounting based on price to discounting by product category. This should not cause any significant changes in the discount you receive in the new system. Our new discount codes will be in our ONIX and relevant product data files, available on request.

5. Will there be any change to returns procedures and policy?

  • There will be no changes to our procedures and policy. We remind you that this can be found on the SAGE website in our Resources for Booksellers section: SAGE Returns Policy

6. Who should be my main contact if I have concerns and questions?

  • Your usual SAGE sales contact will be the most effective means of channelling any particular query, or please go to SAGE Customer Services as below:

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm GMT
Phone: +44 (0)20 7324 8703