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Sage online ordering services are currently unavailable due to network disruption. We are working to restore service as soon as possible. In the meantime, our books are still available widely via retailers and online. Currently we are only able to supply digital inspection copies. These can be requested via this site, or direct from Vitalsource and Kortext. If you need a print copy, please contact your local Academic Sales Consultant, who will be able to arrange to send this once our systems are back online.

If you need further assistance please visit our Contact us page for further information. Thank you for your patience and we apologise for the inconvenience.

SAGE Digital Solutions

Improve student learning outcomes with digital solutions from SAGE


With technological advances and changing student expectations, the digital academic market for learning materials is fast expanding and evolving, presenting opportunities to revolutionize the learning experience for your students. If you are considering the purchase of digital textbooks from SAGE as part of a ‘value added’ strategy for attracting new students to your institution, please contact your local SAGE representative now.

Why should your department or institution invest in a digital solution from SAGE?

  1. Added value for prospective students: assure parents and students that they are receiving great value for money for their tuition fees and a higher guarantee of success after graduation
  2. Greater access and convenience for students: level the playing field by giving your students around-the-clock access to course materials
  3. More effective interaction with your students: enhance their experience and safeguard your institution’s reputation as we look to an increasingly digital future
  4. Prestige and recognition of innovation and student support at your department: The University of Plymouth was recently awarded the Guardian ‘Teaching for Excellence Award’ for the digital solution initiated for its first and second year psychology students.
  5. Unrivalled range and quality of SAGE content: from introductory textbooks and study guides to articles from world-class journals and high-level online academic and reference works, SAGE is proud to bring you contributions from some of the finest minds in academia all of which can be tailored to your course or institutional needs. Browse by ‘product type’ by clicking on the links above or ‘by subject’ in the left hand menu to get a taste of what SAGE can offer.

If your institution is not yet ready to purchase digital textbooks for its students you can still draw on SAGE’s vast list of books and journals across the social sciences to create a custom book for students to buy specifically suited to your course needs. Contact your local SAGE representative for details.