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Safeguarding Adults in Nursing Practice

Safeguarding Adults in Nursing Practice

Second Edition

January 2017 | 240 pages | Learning Matters
All nurses, whatever setting, will encounter people who are at risk. Harrowing examples of abuse and neglect are frequently in the headlines and the nursing profession has a crucial responsibility to play in ensuring that vulnerable patients are cared for and safeguarded. This Second Edition answers all of the key questions including:
  • What is neglect?
  • What makes someone vulnerable?
  • What role does safeguarding play?
  • What does good safeguarding look like?
  • Why can safeguarding fail?
  • How can positive practice be developed?
  • What are the professional and legal responsibilities facing nurses?

This helpful resource will improve readers’ understanding of the policy, practice, and research underpinning safeguarding, while also preparing them for their important role as an advocate for, and safeguarder of, the people in their care.

Safeguarding, vulnerability and abuse: Understanding the context
The meanings of vulnerability
Ethical frameworks and principles
Abuse and neglect
Legal and policy provisions
Professional frameworks
Interprofessional and interagency working
Safeguarding and research
Positive practice in a systems approach to safeguarding

I will be adding this to my reading list to my module

Miss Helen Susan Marshall
Directorate of Nursing, Liverpool University
June 5, 2023

A really well structured book that engages the learner from the outset. It is well written and presents complex issues in such a way that makes them easy for the reader to explore, without necessarily having to go through it from the beginning. Provides easy to read and understand information on a very challenging and emotive subject.

Mrs christine jackson
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Hull University
February 12, 2018

A good introduction to safeguarding from a nursing perspective. Clear structure for students.

Miss Sarah Collins
Health and Social Care, Peterborough Regional College
August 10, 2017