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Resources to help you transition to teaching online



This page will be continually updated with information
on resources and tools for transitioning to online teaching


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response: To help you navigate the challenge of transitioning to teaching online, we have opened up access to the following resources to help you set up and manage an online course quickly and successfully, at no charge to you or your students.


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23rd July with Dr Tom Chatfield and Elspeth Timmans

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, many universities around the world are having to switch to online teaching at scale and speed.  In this webinar Dr Tom Chatfield and Elspeth Timmans discuss how to successfully move to remote teaching, using their knowledge gained from turning Tom's Critical Thinking classes into a SAGE Campus online course.

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Access to eTextbooks

We're working closely with faculty and libraries across the world to ensure students are able to access the eTextbooks they need for their studies. For more information, please contact your local sales consultant


Access to eBooks for reference and research

The upgrade to unlimited access via our library vendors has now come to an end, but we have offers in place to provide libraries with special pricing when purchasing an eBook they already hold in print, or when upgrading to a higher concurrent usage model.

Please contact your usual supplier for further information and queries.


Instant access to electronic Inspection Copies

Many of our textbooks are available as electronic inspection copies, providing instant access to the book online through VitalSource. From the SAGE website, click on the link at the start of the book description, where you see the following instruction: 'Lecturers, request your electronic inspection copy here.'  Alternatively you can search directly on the VitalSource website.
If the book you’re interested in doesn’t have this option, please contact your SAGE Sales Consultant for support.


Additional Online Resources to support teaching

Many of our textbooks are supported by additional Online Resources to aid your teaching - from classroom slides and journal articles to essay topics and practical assignments. You can check the cover of any SAGE books you are recommending, to see whether there is an Online Resources link to follow; alternatively check the book on the SAGE website for any Online Resources available.  To access the Online Resources, simply log in at the web link provided using your normal SAGE username and password. If you don’t already have an account set up with SAGE you can set one up using the ‘Create a New Account’ link.

Some textbook resources are also hosted on our Subject Websites:

Research Methods

NEW: Online research & teaching RM remotely

Business & Management

Study Skills







Support with eTextbooks and Online Resources

If you or your students need support with technical issues including access to SAGE eTextbooks or Online Resources please visit our technical support page.

Extended access to digital library products

Getting access to our digital products provides the full range of product content and features to support online teaching and further reading. Complete the registration form for immediate access for 90 days to:

Complimentary access to articles in SAGE Journals and SAGE Knowledge

From SAGE Journals: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Research

SAGE believes in the power of the social and behavioral sciences to convert the best medical research into policies, practices, and procedures to improve – and even save – lives. This collection includes the latest medical research from SAGE related to the virus as well as top social and behavioral research to help individuals, communities, and leaders make the best decisions on dealing with the outbreak and its consequences.

From SAGE Knowledge: 

Resources and support to help you get published

SAGE is committed to supporting the research communities we serve as together we navigate this difficult time. For authors and early career researchers who are preparing articles for publication in remote and challenging circumstances, we have a range of resources here on our Journals Author Gateway

Tips, best practices, and advice from experts

Addressing the psychology of ‘Together Apart’: Free Book Download

Together Apart book cover

Together Apart: The Psychology of COVID-19 (Jetten et al. 2020), examines the psychology surrounding the current pandemic.  Written by leading social psychologists involved with advising governments on COVID-19, it provides analysis of the psychology of COVID-19 to help us better understand and respond to current events shaping the world.

Given the importance of its subject matter, SAGE has made an early draft of the book available for free on Social Science Space.  Read more and download a copy of Together Apart

Study Skills hub

Free resources icon

Helpful study resources to share with your students

If your students are stuck at home feeling worried and isolated, feel free to share our free open resources and advice on a range of study and life skills.  Extracts, advice and exercises by SAGE authors provide support on topics from mental wellbeing and managing stress, to developing critical skills and writing assignments.  Access the resources

Social Science Space Blog

Online teaching presence

16 Answers to Your Questions about Teaching Online

Here are 16 resources on everything from what "online learning" even means, to motivating students in this environment, to respecting diversity while virtual...more.



Instantly Shifting Classes Online Is Not Trivial

In response to the novel coronavirus, many South Korean universities have moved their teaching online. Students are still provided with the required number of class hours but without face-to-face contact with teachers...more.

Dr. Kyungmee Lee is a lecturer in technology enhanced learning at Lancaster University. Her research program lies at the intersection of online education, higher education, and international education.


How else can we help?

Please don't hesitate to contact your local SAGE Sales Consultant if we can do anything to support your teaching during this challenging time.