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Research Methods in Psychology

Research Methods in Psychology

Fifth Edition
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October 2020 | 584 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd


Much has changed in psychological research in the last decade and much has changed in the fifth edition of Research Methods in Psychology to make sure that it is still an essential textbook for teaching Research Methods.

With 6 new chapters looking at the biggest issues in psychological research and a complete reframing of qualitative and quantitative methods, this book is at the forefront of ethical, innovative and sound research.

Within each chapter there are features to help students

·         Consolidate learning

·         Reflect on key studies

·         Improve critical thinking

·         Develop their evaluation skills

Take a look to see how we’ve redesigned this classic texts to meet the needs of the modern researcher and lecturer.

Glynis M Breakwell, Daniel B. Wright and Julie Barnett
Chapter 1: Research Questions, Design, Strategy and Choice of Methods
Daniel B Wright, Julie Barnett and Glynis M Breakwell
Chapter 2: Ethics
Glynis M Breakwell, Daniel B Wright and Julie Barnett
Chapter 3: Big Questions and New Methods
Julie Barnett and Konstantina Vasileiou
Chapter 4: Capturing and Recording Information
Julie Barnett, Glynis M Breakwell and Daniel B Wright
Chapter 5: Telling Others about Your Research
Daniel B. Wright, Julie Barnett, and Glynis M. Breakwell
Chapter 6: Psychology as a Science: What is Science?
Glynis Breakwell and Julie Barnett
Chapter 7: Accessing Difficult to Access Information
Chris Fife-Schaw
Chapter 8: Quasi-experimental Designs (including observational methods)
Graham Hole
Chapter 9: Experimental Design
Glynis M. Breakwell and Lada Timotijevic
Chapter 10: Interviewing and Focus Groups
Marianna E. Carlucci and Daniel B. Wright
Chapter 11: Descriptive Statistics: Graphical and Numerical Methods
Rusi Jaspal
Chapter 12: Content Analysis, Thematic Analysis and Discourse Analysis
Jeff Gavin and Karen Rodham
Chapter 13: Self-Report Data
Chris Fife-Schaw
Chapter 14: Questionnaire Design
Patrick Sturgis
Chapter 15: Surveys and Sampling
Marianna E. Carlucci and Daniel B. Wright
Chapter 16: Inferential Statistics
Katherine McGuire and Kamala London
Chapter 17: Factorial ANOVA
Jeremy Miles
Chapter 18: Correlation and Regression
Daniel B. Wright and Sarah M. Wells
Chapter 19: Creating Latent Variables

Covers basic paradigms of research methods in psychology, while it offers an insight into more advanced methods. This textbook can be used across all levels from UG to Doctoral courses.

Dr Niki Nearchou
School of Psychology, University College Dublin
February 1, 2021