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Qualitative Health Research

Qualitative Health Research

Four Volume Set
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July 2008 | 1 656 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Qualitative research methods are growing in importance and in use amongst nurses and other health researchers. Qualitative Health Research showcases the cutting-edge developments and seminal studies in research practice and research theory in this field. At the same time these volumes detail the long and fascinating history of the use of qualitative approaches to the study of health and illness, providing a complete map of the field. The four volumes focus on 'Patients and Disease', 'Health Professionals and their Work', 'Healthcare Organisations' and 'Patient Experiences'.

This will be this first major work in SAGE's new series 'Fundamentals of Applied Research'.

Part 1: What is a Disease?
What Is Disease?

L. S. King
The Study of Disease in Relation to Culture

H. Fabrega, Jr.
Ilnness, Therapy and the Modern Urban

T. Parsons and R. Fox
The Insanity of Place

E. Goffman
Disability as Social Deviance

E. Freidson
Illness and Everyday Life

R. Dingwall
Part 2: Experiencing Disease
History, Culture and Subjective Experience: An exploration of the social bases of drug-induced experiences

H. Becker
The Cardiac Patient's Perception of his Heart

B. Cowie
Social Movements, the Occupational Arena and Changes in Career Consciousness: The case of women flight attendants

Roberta Lessor
Epidemic Psychology - A Model

P.M. Strong
The Epidemiology of a Folk Illness: "Susto"

Part 3: Diagnosing Disease
"Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever" - Folk models of infection in an English suburban community, and their relation to medical treatment

C.G. Helman
The Diagnosis of Disease Among the Subanun of Mindanao

C. Frake
The Hierarchy of Resort in Curative Practices: The Admiralty Islands, Melanesia

Lola Romanucci Schwartz
Bishop Berkeley and the Adeno-tonsillectomy Enigma

M. Bloor
Typification in the Diagnostic Practices of Rehabilitation Agencies

T. Scheff
Orchestrating an Encounter: A note on the talk of mentally handicapped children

J. Brewer, G. McBride and S. Yearley
Part 4: Medication and Medicalization
The Discovery of Hyperkinesis: Notes on the medicalization of deviant behavior

P. Conrad
Media and Medicine The Message of Psychotropic Drug

G.V. Stimson
Body Ritual among The Nacirema American

H. Miner
Sociological Imperialism and the Profession of Medicine: A critical examination of the thesis of medical imperialism

P.M. Strong
Obeying Doctor's Orders: A view from the other side

G.V. Stimson
Compliance and the Patient's Perspective: Controlling symptoms in everyday life

L.M. Hunt, B. Jordan, S. Irwin and C.H. Browner
Part 1: Professions

E.C. Hughes
Part 2: Professional/Patient Interaction
Physician and Patient as a Social System New England

L.J. Henderson
Behavior in Private Places: Sustaining definitions of reality in gynecological examinations

J.P. Emerson
Going Private: Ceremonial Forms in a Private Oncology Clinic

D. Silverman
Pain Talk: The Expression of Suffering in the Medical Consultation

C.C. Heath
Online Commentary in Acute Medical Visits: A method of shaping patient expectations

J. Heritage and T. Stivers
Bad News in Oncology: How physician and patient talk about death and dying without using those words

K. Lutfey and D. Maynard
Part 3: Professional Socialization
Initiation Into a Women's Profession: Identity Problems in the status transition of coed to student nurse

F. Davis and V. L. Olesen
The faces of Florence Nightingale: Functions of the heroine legend in an occupational sub-culture

E.W. Whittaker and V.L. Olesen
Uncertainty in Medical Prognosis: Clinical and functional

F. Davis
Medical Mystique

P.A. Atkinson, M.E. Reid and P.F. Sheldrake
Uncertainty and Control in Professional

D. Light
Cadaver Stories and the Emotional Socialization of Medical Students

F.W. Hafferty
Roundsmanship - Inherent Control on a Medical Teaching Ward

Part 4: Mistakes at Work
Mistakes at work Canadian

E.C. Hughes
Phychiatry and Suicide: The management of a mistake

D. Light
Standardization in Action: Achieving local universality through medical protocols

S. Timmermans and M. Berg
Ritual and Magic in Control of Contagion

J.A. Roth
Part 5: The Craft of Surgery
The Tacit Order of Teamwork: Collaboration and embodied conduct in anaesthesia

J. Hindmarsh and A. Pilnick
On Control, Certitude, and the Paranoia of Surgeons

J. Cassell
The Woman in the Surgeon's Body: Understanding difference

J. Cassell
At the Cutting Edge? Modernization and nostalgia in a hospital operating theatre department

R. McDonald. J.Waring and S. Harrison
Part 6: Primary and Community Care
Processes of Control in a Company of Equals

E. Freidson and B. Rhea
The Social Organization of Physician-Managers in a Changing HMO

T.J. Hoff
Role Strains of a Health Care Team in a Poverty Community

H.D. Banta and R C. Fox
Accomplishing Team: Teamwork and categorisation in two community mental health teams

L. Griffiths
Part 1: Hospitals in Healthcare
The Role of the Hospital

The Hospital and its Negotiated Order

L. Strauss, L. Schatzman, R. Bucher, D. Ehrlich, and M. Sabshin
Decline of the Hospital: Reconstructing institutional dangers

D. Armstrong
Part 2: Producing and Managing Information
Some Notes on Record Taking and Making in an Antenatal Clinic

S. Macintyre
Making Sense of Mortality

L. Prior
Paper and People: The work of the casualty reception clerk

D. Hughes
Women's Voice: The case of nursing information systems

I. Wagner
Accumulating and Coordinating: Occasions for information technologies

M. Berg
Managing Understandings: Politics, symbolism, niche marketing and the quest for legitimacy in IT implementation

A.D. Brown
Part 3: Authority and Deference
Authority and Decision-Making in a Hospital: A comparative analysis

R.L. Coser
Sources of Power of Lower Participants in Complex Organizations

David Mechanic
Influence and Authority Among Physicians in an Outpatient-Clinic

M.E.W. Goss
Professionals in Organisations - Some Preliminary Observations on Hospital Consultants

C. Davies
Managing Doctors and Saving a Hospital: Irony, rhetoric and actor networks

M. Dent
The Contestation of Archetypes: Negotiating scripts in a UK hospital trust board

F. Mueller, C. Harvey and C. Howorth
Physicians on the Drug Industry Side of the Prescription Blank: Their dual commitment to medical science and business

R.C. Fox
Management of Radiation Hazards in Hospitals: Plural rationalities in a single institution

S. Rayner
Prognostic Conflict in Life-and-Death Decisions: The organization as an ecology of knowledge

R.R. Anspach
AIDS and Its Impact on Medical Work: The culture and politics of the shop floor

C.L. Bosk and J. E. Frader
Part 1: Ward Life
A Case-Study in the Functioning of Social Systems as a Defence against Anxiety: A report on a study of the nursing service of a general hospital

E.P. Menzies
Narrating Nursing Jurisdiction: "Atrocity Stories" and "Boundary-Work"

D. Allen
Space and Place in the Construction and Performance of Gendered Nursing Identities

S. Halford and P. Leonard
Temporal Reference Frameworks and Nurses' Work Organization

S. Waterworth
Old Folks and Dirty Work: The social conditions for patient abuse in a nursing home

C.I. Stannard
"Pain Talk" in Hospice and Palliative Care Team Meetings: An ethnography

Some Social Functions of Laughter - A Study of Humor in a Hospital Setting

R.L. Coser
Meanings of Immediate: The practical use of the Patient's Charter in the accident and emergency department

L.C. Sbaih
Social Death as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: David Sudnow's passing on revisited

S. Timmermans
The Work of Hospitalized Patients

L. Strauss, S. Fagerhaugh, B. Suczek and C. L. Wiener
The Health Service Consumer - A Sociological Misconception

M. Stacey
Part 2: Being a Patient
Series of Suffering: Subjective tales and research narratives

K. Charmaz
Narrative Turn or Blind Alley?

P. Atkinson
Orientals Are Stoic New Yorker

Tao-Kim-Hai and M. Andre
Parenthood and Patienthood: A dialectical autobiography

N. Hart
Four Days in a Strange Place…

"Locus Congressi"
Suffering and the Social Construction of Illness: The delegitimation of illness experience in chronic fatigue syndrome

N.C. Ware
The Construction of Lay Expertise: Aids activism and the forging of credibility

S. Epstein
Images of Parenthood in the United Kingdom and Japan

R. Dingwall, H. Tanaka and S. Minamikata
Photo Images: Jo Spence's narratives of living with illness

S. Bell
Further Than the Eye Can See? Photo elicitation and research with men

J.L. Oliffe and J.L. Bottorff
Managing an Uncertain Illness Trajectory in Old Age: Patients' and physicians' views of stroke

G. Becker and S. Kaufmann
Temporal Aspects of Dying as a Non-Scheduled Status Passage

B. Laser and A.L.Strauss