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Public Relations

Public Relations
A Managerial Perspective

December 2011 | 512 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Taking a managerial perspective, this book explores public relations and its role in the wider organizational world. Contributors explore a variety of contexts in which the relevance of understanding these two interlinking domains is so paramount, such as corporate branding and reputation, government relations and community communications, as well as drawing on experise of legal considerations and ethical awareness.

The effective management of public relations is crucial within any organization, but a wider managerial awareness and support of its role is equally critical. Public Relations: A Managerial Perspective offers an original and vital discussion of these challenges for second and third year undergraduate and postgraduate students of public relations, corporate communications and public affairs.

Barbara DeSanto
Public Relations' Journey into Management
Building Bridges between Public Relations and Other Managerial Functions

Danny Moss
A Managerial Perspective of Public Relations
Locating the Function and Analyzing the Environmental and Organizational Context

Barbara DeSanto
Moving from Management to Leadership
Anne Gregory
The Capabilities Needed for the Strategic Management Role
Danny Moss
Strategy Making and Planning in the Communications Context
Ian Grime
Corporate Branding and Corporate Reputation
Ian Somerville
Managing Public Affairs and Lobbying: Persuasive Communication in the Policy Sphere
Anne Gregory
The Strategic Communication Process in Government
A UK Perspective

Renee Robinson and Nicholson Kovac
Business-to-Business Public Relations Agency Practice
David Bradin and Barbara DeSanto
Financial Public Relations
David Therkelsen
Non-Profit Communication Management
Michael Board
Internal Communication as a Function of Public Relations
Dr. Jane Tonge
Public Relations Consultancies Practice
Rob Brown
A Managerial Perspective of Public Relations
Public Relations and the Internet: The Impact of the Social Web

Jon Arthur
Strategic Issues Management
The Importance of Reasoning

Mel Powell
Ethics and the Public Relations Management Process
Richard Warren
Corporate Social Responsibility
Balancing Business and Social Priorities

Anna Rodriguez
Public Relations and the Law
Managing Your Way through the Maelstrom of Potential Legal Pitfalls

Robert Wakefield
Managing Global Public Relations

Good broad perspective on PR, good managerial viewpoint. Especially useful chapter on ethical decision making which will be my area of specialism on the course.

Ms Alison Theaker
School of Media, London College of Communication
October 16, 2012

students read free to downlaod articles.

David Van Bennekom
Department of Communication Science, University of Amsterdam
August 19, 2012

This will now be an essential/key reading for a new 4th year module starting in September 2012.
Excellent balance of theory and practice from a management perspective

Mr Grant Thoms
School of Arts & Creative Industries, Edinburgh Napier University
August 9, 2012

With such a priority being attached to developing professional practice, this book is a valuable look at PR's role in management, and as a manager of a burgeoning sector. A wide range of relevant and insightful contributions.

Mr Paul Simpson
The Business School, Greenwich University
July 9, 2012

some great material - although heavy going at times, and short of visuals

Dr Daniel Valentine
Academic Programmes, London School of Business & Finance
April 27, 2012

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