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Psychology in Human and Social Development

Psychology in Human and Social Development
Lessons from Diverse Cultures: A Festschrift for Durganand Sinha

First Edition
Edited by:
  • John W Berry - Queens University, Ontario, Canada
  • R C Mishra - Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • R C Tripathi - University of Allahabad, India

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Social Psychology (General)

February 2003 | 310 pages | SAGE India
This important volume takes the cultural embeddedness of behaviour as its central theme. This theme is elaborated in a variety of cultural contexts including India, China and Mexico. Besides theoretical issues, the contributors cover a wide range of important topics in the areas of developmental psychology, community mental health, the psychology of language, organizational behaviour, and school psychology.

Specific chapters are devoted to a comparative understanding of human behaviour, child development, family patterns, personality, leadership and managerial practice, and the role of culture in community interventions.

A C Paranjpe
Contemporary Psychology and the Mutual Understanding of India and Europe
Girishwar Misra
Implications of Culture for Psychological Knowledge
Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero
Is Abnegation a Basic Experiential Trait in Traditional Societies?
The Case of Mexico

A K Mohanty
Psychology of Language Acquisition and Bilingualism in India
The Cultural Input

Jerry S Carlson and J P Das
Disadvantaged Children's Deficiency in Learning to Read
What's the Remedy?

R C Mishra
An Ecological Perspective on Mental Health Problems of Tribal Children
T S Saraswathi
Being and Becoming
A Child, Youth, Adult and 'Respectably' Aged in India

John W Berry
Multicultural Attitudes and Identities in Canada
Shalini Bharat
Women, Work and Family in Urban India
Towards New Families?

R N Kanungo and J A Conger
Leadership Research
Basic Assumptions, Modal Orientations and Future Directions

Henry S R Kao and Ng Sek Hong
East and West in Harmony
A Glimpse of Managerial Practices among Chinese Corporations in Hong Kong

Wayne H Holtzman
School-Based Social Services as a Strategy for Community Empowerment and Human Development
R C Tripathi
Culture as a Factor in Community Interventions

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