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Principles of Educational Leadership & Management

Principles of Educational Leadership & Management

Third Edition
Edited by:

April 2019 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This new edition brings together leading authorities from across the globe to provide a truly international perspective into educational leadership and management in school and post-school sectors. Covering both developed and developing countries, it is underpinned by a substantially updated analysis of theory, research, policy and practice.

Key topics include:
- How leadership and management differ in education
- An overview of key models of educational leadership
- The relationship between leadership capabilities and enhanced student outcomes
- Leading for diversity and inclusion and the policy and practice challenges that follow leadership for social justice

This is essential reading for anyone taking courses in educational leadership and management at postgraduate level, or as professional development, and for current and aspiring educational leaders seeking to enhance their practice.
Part I: Principles of Educational Leadership and Management
Tony Bush
1 Models of Educational Leadership
Philip Halliinger
2 Instructional Leadership 1950-2018: Transformation from an American to a Global Leadership Construct
Mike Bottery
3 An Ethics of Educational Leadership for Turbulent and Complex Times
Megan Crawford
4 Solo and Shared Leadership
Viviane M. J. Robinson
5 Excellence in Educational Leadership: Practices, Capabilities and Virtues that Foster Improved Student Outcomes
Part II: Leadership, Management and Professionalism
Les Bell
6 Leading and Managing Professional Learning
David Middlewood
7 Leading and Managing Professional Staff
David Middlewood
8 Appraisal and Performance Management
Raj Mestry
9 Resource Management
Tony Bush and Carmen Montecinos
10 Leadership Preparation and Development
Part III: Leadership for Social Justice
Pontso Moorosi
11 Gender and Educational Leadership
Jack Lumby
12 Leadership for Diversity and Inclusion
Paul Miller
13 Race and Ethnicity in Educational Leadership
Michael Connolly, Catherine Farrell and Chris James
14 The Participation and Influence of Stakeholders in School Leadership and Management
Alma Harris and Michelle Jones
15 Leading Schools in Challenging Circumstances
Part IV: Leadership and Context
Howard Stevenson
16 Leadership and Globalisation
Philip Hallinger
17 Contextualising the Study and Practice of School Leadership in an era of Globalisation
Allan Walker and Qian Haiyan
18 Leadership and Culture
Felix Maringe and Nevensha Sing
19 School Leadership in Developing Countries: The Case of South Africa
Tom O'Donoghue and Simon Clarke
20 Educational Leadership in Post-Conflict Situations: A Brief Reconnoitre

This is an engaging text which, drawing material from a range of disciplines, robustly tackles a number of the prevailing issues within the contemporary educational environment.  As such this text has the potential to offer value to practitioners, researchers, students and academic staff.

Hazel Beadle
Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Management
University of Chichester

This book brings together an insightful collection of papers by key authors in the education field. They offer interesting challenges to existing concepts as well as new thought-provoking ideas on issues such as ethics and culture. Recognising the ever more complex environment that our education sector is operating in, and the global and political influences at play, this book is a must for academics, practitioners and students who want to refresh their leadership learning in the context of today's education sector.

Carol Steed
Leadership and Management Director

This book provides educational leaders and those interested in educational leadership with a very useful synthesis of current theory informing leadership practice. The different chapters offer a variety of perspectives on relevant topics such as the purpose and nature of leadership, approaches to leadership practice and the importance of context.

Associate Professor Kate Thornton
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Amazingly, it is over a quarter of a century since the first edition of The Principles of Educational Leadership and Management was first published. The latest edition, the third, is very different from its predecessors and reflects how far the field has developed over that time period. The 20 chapters in this edited collection are from specialists and leading authorities and offer the reader, in a most helpful and insightful way, a truly international perspective. The contributions cover a variety of key topics in educational contexts, in both developed and developing countries. In sum, leadership and management theory, research, policy and practice are all addressed and research-based insights offered from both school and post-school contexts in a diverse and ever-changing education landscape. A most useful addition to your library!

Peter Earley
Professor of Educational Leadership and Management, UCL Institute of Education, University College London

This book is essential reading for all educational leaders. It provides academic research in a style that is accessible for leaders across all levels of education. This book is extremely well structured, covering a wide range of topics which enable educators to meet the challenges of leading in the 21st Century.

Martin Bassett
Academic Leader, Master of Educational Leadership and Management, Unitec Institute of Technology, NZ

Excellent core text to support both leaders in practice as well as NQTs who will be moving into leadership roles/adopting leadership positions in the future.
Essential reading at Level 7 for National MA and Online MA programme.
Selected also as reading list material for Level 6 students and post-grad education PGCE students

Mr Julian Ayres
School of Education and Community, Wrexham Glyndwr University
December 10, 2021

It is an effective book for educational leadership and management courses. Book offers numerous models of leadership with in-depth analysis.

Mr muhammad zubair
Education, City of Wolverhampton College
August 29, 2019

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Models of Educational Leadership