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Principles and Practice of Marketing

Principles and Practice of Marketing

Third Edition
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Marketing (General)

December 2013 | 800 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
When you think of marketing you may think of the adverts that pop up at the side of your screen or the billboards you see when you're out - all those moments in the day when somebody is trying to grab your attention and sell you something! Marketing is about advertising and communications in part, but it's also about many other things which all aim to create value for customers, from product research and innovation to after-care service and maintaining relationships. It's a rich and fascinating area of management waiting to be explored - so welcome to Marketing

Jim Blythe's Principles and Practice of Marketing will ease you into the complexities of Marketing to help you achieve success in your studies and get the best grade. It provides plenty of engaging real-life examples, including brands you know such as Netflix and PayPal - marketing is not just about products, but services too. Marketing changes as the world changes, and this textbook is here to help, keeping you up to speed on key topics such as digital technologies, globalization and being green. 

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PART 1 - Concepts and Contexts
Chapter 1 - Marketing: Managing the Exchange Process
Chapter 2 - The Marketing Environment
PART 2 - Markets and People
Chapter 3 - Consumer Behaviour
Chapter 4 - Business-to-Business Marketing
Chapter 5 - Marketing Research and Information Systems
Chapter 6 - Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Chapter 7 - Integrated Marketing Communications
Chapter 8 - International Marketing
PART 3 - Strategy and Stakeholders
Chapter 9 - Marketing Strategy, Planning and Creating Competitive Advantage
Chapter 10 - Marketing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 11 - Building Customer Relationships
Chapter 12 - Product Portfolio and Strategic Branding
PART 4 - Marketing in Practice
Chapter 13 - New Product Innovation and Development
Chapter 14 - Pricing and Strategic Decision Making
Chapter 15 - Advertising across Different Media
Chapter 16 - Public Relations and Sponsorship
Chapter 17 - Promotion and Sales
PART 5 - Marketing in Motion
Chapter 18 - Digital Marketing and Social Media
hapter 19 - Managing Distribution and Supply Chains
hapter 20 - Retail and Wholesale Marketing
Chapter 21 - Services Marketing


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Lecturer resources:

  • Teaching notes per chapter, including answers to internet exercises for students
  • PowerPoint slides per chapter
  • Exam test bank
  • Guide to designing a course on marketing

Student resources:

  • Videos about marketing
  • Podcasts about marketing careers
  • Marketing employability resources and advice
  • Extra case studies
  • Guide to writing a Marketing Plan
  • Online exercises per chapter
  • Interactive multiple choice questions per chapter
  • Interactive flashcards
  • Pinterest page featuring useful weblinks to ads, campaigns, etc.
  • RSS feed incorporating trade magazines, news websites, blogs, etc.

'A very well structured and thought-provoking textbook which offers contemporary insights into different aspects of marketing and its implications for society.'

Dr Sotiris T. Lalaounis
Lecturer in Marketing, Department of Organisation Studies, University of Exeter Business School

'This book is excellent for those new to marketing as it is easy to read and crammed full of interesting, up-to-date and useful information, whether you are a student or marketing practitioner.'

Julie McKeown
Teaching Fellow in Marketing, Aberystwyth University

Very interesting book, like everything else Blythe has done. Excellent and illustrative examples, a very nice read for first year students. The chapters on consumer behaviour and B2B marketing are particularly insightful.

Dr Rodrigo Lucena
School of Service Management, Brighton University
August 15, 2016

An invaluable old faithful text, good point of reference

Mrs Caroline jane Lowish
Faculty of Business & Law, University of Lincoln
July 29, 2016

Unfortunately the related marketing project was postponed.

Ms Alison Devine
Clinical Education, Edge Hill University
February 26, 2015

A good support resource to enhance students' understanding of the application of marketing within an organisation

Dr Stephen Castle
Fac of Business,Environment & Society, Coventry University
December 15, 2014

A useful overview

Mrs Jane Wood
Clothing Design & Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University
December 10, 2014

Great book which enables students to grasp the most salient principles which are clearly presented in Jim Blythe's inimitable style.

Dr Joseph Vella
Corporate communication, University of Malta
December 10, 2014

A great complimentary academic text to ensure students have the opportunity to embed a wide range of theories.

Mrs Lisa Rees
Business School, OLC Europe
November 11, 2014

This is a well rounded book that can assist students in establishing the core basics related to marketing. useful at all levels I will suggest this as one of the recommended texts

Dr Margaret Mangion
Edward de Bono Institute, University of Malta
October 21, 2014

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Chapter 2: The Marketing Environment

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