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Primary Science: Knowledge and Understanding

Primary Science: Knowledge and Understanding

Tenth Edition
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April 2024 | 344 pages | Learning Matters
All the subject knowledge you need to teach primary science.

The essential subject knowledge text for primary science.  Secure subject knowledge and understanding is the foundation of confident, creative and effective teaching. This comprehensive text, covering the whole primary curriculum, includes interactive tasks, self-assessment questions and links to other resources in all chapters. 

Primary science matters.

This 10th edition includes links to the ITT Core Content Framework and new content on children’s common misconceptions in science.
1 Introduction
2 Science in the National Curriculum
3 Working scientifically
4 Functioning of organisms: green plants
5 Functioning of organisms: animals including humans
6 Evolution and inheritance
7 Living things and their habitats
8 Materials
9 Changes of materials
10 Rocks, soils and fossils
11 Electricity
12 Energy
13 Forces and magnets
14 Light
15 Sound
16 Earth and space
17 Misconceptions


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