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Preventing Workplace Violence

Preventing Workplace Violence
A Guide for Employers and Practitioners

March 1999 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book, through an examination of a number of representative real world cases,

provides a detailed look at what happened to some companies and traditional tools

for occupational health and safety, discipline, and employee relations now used by business and labour leaders are inadequate and inappropriate in responding to the problems of workplace violence. In fact, the methods and approaches commonly in use actually worsen the problem in some cases.

The book summarizes the most up-to-date learning in this area and offers practical guidance and recommendations for assessing the risk of violence, steps for preventing workplace violence, and a through discussion of employees rights and employer's responsibilities.

Show Me the Profile
A Day in the Life of a Violence Consultant

The Crisis of Work
Who Is the Violent Employee?
A Post Office Tragedy
A Modern Witch Hunt
When Systems Fail
The Case of the Frightened Manager

Doesn't He Fit the Profile?' The Case of Roger
He's on His Way, and He's Got a Gun!
Domestic Violence Comes to the Workplace

The Legal Conundrum
What Is the Employer's Duty?

Workplace Violence and Labor Relations
From Battleground to Collaboration

Assessing the Risk of Violence
Know Your Questions!

Seven Steps to Workplace Violence Prevention

"Providing employees with a safe work environment should be of paramount concern to the HR executive and this one you cannot affort to miss." 

Joan Quinlan
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ISBN: 9780761906155

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