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Preventing Gun Violence in America: What Works and What Is Possible

Preventing Gun Violence in America: What Works and What Is Possible

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This ANNALS volume is a collection of new scholarly articles that address the current state of America’s gun ownership, how it came to be, the distinct frames that scholars use to understand gun violence, and potential solutions to the social problems it creates. We offer up-to-date research that examines what works and what does not. From this, we suggest ways forward for research, policy, and practice that are reliant on sound scholarship and evidence-based reasoning.

In this introduction, we provide an overview of gun death in the U.S. and evidence of state-by-state variation of America’s gun health crisis. We go on to discuss the different types of gun injury and death that affect society, presenting context for the volume and a brief history of gun policy in America. Finally, we will introduce each of the articles included here and underscore why this collection of interdisciplinary scholarship is timely and relevant to our national conversation about preventing gun death and injury.

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Kerri M. Raissian, Jennifer Necci Dineen, Cassandra Crifasi
Gun Violence and Gun Policy in the United States: Understanding American Exceptionalism
The Changing Composition of Gun Violence
David Yamane
Gun Culture 2.0: The Evolution and Contours of Defensive Gun Ownership in America
Harold Pollack, Nathaniel Glasser, Megan Ranney, and Marian Betz
Economics and Public Health: Two Perspectives on Firearm Injury Prevention
Jonathan Berrigan, Deborah Azrael, Matthew Miller
The Number and Type of Private Firearms in the United States
The Efficacy of Interventions
John J. Donohue
The Effect of Permissive Gun Laws on Crime
April Zeoli, Alex McCourt, and Jennifer Paruk
Effectiveness of Firearm Restriction, Background Checks, and Licensing Laws in Reducing Gun Violence
Daniel Webster, Joseph Richardson, Nicholas Meyerson, Christopher St. Vil, Rachel Topazian
Research on the Effects of Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs: Observations and Recommendations
Anthony A. Braga, Philip J. Cook, and Stephen Douglas
Prevention Strategies for Policing Gun Violence
Jaclyn Schildkraut & Lisa B. Geller
Mass Shootings in the United States: Prevalence, Policy, and a Way Forward
Michael D. Anestis, Allison E. Bond & Shelby L. Bandel
Understanding Risk and Implementing Data-Driven Solutions for Firearm Suicide Michael D. Anestis Allison E. Bond Shelby L. Bandel
Opportunities for Gun Violence Prevention
Shani Buggs, Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, and Julia Lund
Social and Structural Determinants of Community Firearm Violence and Community Trauma
Carissa Schmidt, Leigh Rauk, Rebecca Cunningham, Marc A. Zimmerman, and Patrick Carter
How Multi-disciplinary Research Centers and Networks Can Advance the Science of Firearm Injury Prevention
Lisa Singh and Carole Greene
Social Media Data for Firearms Research: Promise and Perils
Michael R. Ulrich
Balancing Rights and Responsibilities: The Role of Government and Citizens in Combatting Gun Violence

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