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SAGE acquires three journals from Federal Legal Publications

June 30, 2015

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE today announces the purchase of three journals from Federal Legal Publications, Inc. including Contemporary Drug Problems (CDX),  The Antitrust Bulletin (ABX), and The Journal of Psychiatry & Law (PLX).

Martin Greenberg, former publisher of Federal Legal Publications, Inc., commented, "I've followed SAGE since its inception and was delighted when they took over the reins of Contemporary Drug Problems and The Antitrust Bulletin. I know of no other publisher with the quality and devotion to their journals, their editorial staffs and their subscribers.”

CDX publishes research on alcohol and the legal or illegal use of drugs that affect an individual’s brain functions, such as perception, mood, or awareness. CDX is an international resource for policy influencers and practitioners in the fields of healthcare, law, and criminal justice.

ABX is focused on research pertaining to industrial economics, competition policy, and antitrust law on both the national and global scale. SAGE founder Sara Miller McCune worked on ABX in the 1960s.

PLX is devoted to research relating to the academic and professional ventures of psychiatrists and lawyers. A quarterly journal, PLX also publishes research that supports counseling and legal practices.

“Since our founding, SAGE has worked to disseminate the highest quality research,” commented Bob Howard, Vice President of Journals, SAGE. “Committed to the real-world applications of legal scholarship, these journals are a welcomed addition to SAGE’s growing collection of law and criminology journals.”

While further publication of PLX has been discontinued, SAGE will accept submissions to ABX and CDX that align with the journals’ guidelines. Click here for more information on The Antitrust Bulletin and here for more information on Contemporary Drug Problems.

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