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Popular Culture

Popular Culture

Four Volume Set
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June 2010 | 1 704 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Popular culture is as debated as it is pervasive. It is pervasive in that the symbolic worlds in which we live and out of which we construct sense are, in many different ways, understood as and within popular culture. It is debated in that it has often been polarized as a negative or positive counterpart to other dimensions of cultural activity.

Volume One establishes the historical dimension necessary for the study of popular culture, showing how popular culture has developed over the past two centuries in the West, and how it has operated as a site of aesthetic debate and contestation as well as of communal pleasure and social interaction.

The second and third volumes are devoted to the different theoretical perspectives and analytical approaches to popular culture. These have mainly developed since the late-nineteenth century, though pioneering discussion from this time has recently become sidelined. Along with some examples of such early discussion, the volumes feature contributions from the 'culture and civilization' tradition, the Frankfurt school, Chicago sociology, western Marxism, early cultural studies (rejecting the term 'culturalism'), structuralist and poststructuralist approaches, folkloristics, feminism and men's studies, postmodernism and postcolonial studies.

The final volume concentrates on the questions and issues involved in the aesthetics and ethics of popular culture and their relation to the quality of public life. Volume Four specifically includes articles that deal with issues in popular culture studies that remain ongoing and in dynamic movement, or are in various ways contentious and unresolved.

Volume One: Historical Perspectives on Popular Culture

Volume Two: Theoretical Approaches

Volume Three: Theoretical Paradigms

Volume Four: Aesthetics, Ethics and Cultural Politics

Popular Culture in History
"Punch and Judy" and Cultural Appropriation Scott Cutler Shershow
The Legitimization of the Circus in Late Georgian England Marius Kwint
Queen Caroline and the Sexual Politics of Popular Culture in London, 1820 Anna Clark
The Decline of Saint Monday Douglas Reid
Bloods in the Street: London street culture, "industrial literacy", and the emergence of mass culture in Victorian England Edward Jacobs
Working-Class Culture and Working-Class Politics in London, 1870-1900: Notes on the remaking of a working class Gareth Stedman Jones
Empire Theatres and the Empire: The popular geographical imagination in the age of empire Andrew Crowhurst
Teddy's Bear and the Sociocultural Transfiguration of Savage Beasts into Innocent Children, 1890-1920 Donna Varga
History in Popular Culture
Empathy and Enfranchisement: Popular histories Jerome de Groot
John Ford's Drums along the Mohawk: The making of an American myth Edward Countryman
Gender and Culture of Empire: Toward a feminist ethnography of the cinema Ella Shohat
A Fantasy of Witnessing Gary Weissman
The Ghost in the Luggage: Wallace and Braveheart: Post-colonial "pioneer" identities Sally J. Morgan
Archive Aesthetics and the Historical Imaginary: Wisconsin death trip John Corner
Romancing the Road: Road movies and images of mobility Ron Eyerman and Orvar Löfgren
Popular Culture - Early Considerations
On a Possible Popular Culture Thomas Wright
What is Culture? Derek Kahn
Popular Culture and Mass Culture - Control and Consent
A Theory of Mass Culture Dwight Macdonald
The Problem of High Culture and Mass Culture D.W. Brogan
Daydreams and Nightmares: Reflections on the criticism of mass culture Edward Shils
The Literary Imagination and the Explanation of Socio-Cultural Change in Modern Britain Paul Filmer
Culture Industry Reconsidered Theodor Adorno
Hegemony and Mass Culture Mark Gottdiener
The Concept of Cultural Hegemony T.J. Jackson Lears
Beyond "Mass Culture" Eugene Lunn
Murder, Mass Culture, and the Feminine: A view from the 4.50 from Paddington Angela Devas
Popular Culture Studies - Outlines and Overviews
Popular Culture: A "teaching object" Tony Bennett
Notes on Deconstructing "The Popular" Stuart Hall
What's in a Name? Popular culture theories and their limitations Jean Franco
What is Cultural Studies Anyway? Richard Johnson
Cultural Studies at the Crossroads Graham Murdock
Professing the Popular Simon During
Social Power and Symbolic Sites: In the tracks of cultural studies Michael Pickering
Cultural Studies and the Challenge to English Michael Pickering
New Life: Cultural studies and the problem of the "popular" Scott Cutler Shershow
Post-Feminism and Popular Culture Angela McRobbie
Creativity, Communication and Musical Experience Keith Negus and Michael Pickering
When the University Went "Pop": Exploring cultural studies, sociology of culture, and the rising interest in the study of popular culture Lynn Schofield Clark
Sociological Approaches
Folk Culture and the Mass Media Thelma McCormack
Processing Fads and Fashions: An organizational-set analysis of cultural industry systems Paul M. Hirsch
Market Structure, the Creative Process, and Popular Culture: Toward an organizational reinterpretation of mass culture theory Paul DiMaggio
The Study of Culture: Cultural studies and British sociology compared Steve Baron
Biographical Boundaries: Sociology and Marilyn Monroe Graham McCann
Divide and Conquer: Popular culture and social control in late capitalism David Tetzlaff
Popular Culture and Social Collectivities
Subcultural Conflict and Working Class Community Phil Cohen
Subcultures or Neo-Tribes? Rethinking the relationship between youth, style and musical taste Andy Bennett
Subcultures, Scenes or Tribes? None of the above David Hesmondhalgh
Everyday Fandom: Fan clubs, blogging, and the quotidian rhythms of the internet Paul Théberge
Popular Culture on a Global Scale: A challenge for cultural studies? Simon During
Towards a Global Culture? Anthony D. Smith
Popular Culture and Ethnic Encounters
Playing with Real Feeling: Jazz and suburbia Simon Frith
What is this "Black" in Black Popular Culture? Stuart Hall
What is this "Black" in Irish Popular Culture? Hazel Carby
Consuming Passions: Spectacle, self-transformation, and the commodification of blackness in Japan John G. Russell
Kracauer and the Dancing Girls James Donald
Digital Whiteness, Primitive Blackness: Racializing the "digital divide" in film and new media Janell Hobson
Celebration or Pathology? Commodity or Art? The Dilemma of African-American expressive culture Berndt Ostendorf
Popular Aesthetics and Cultural Populism
Ways of Artmaking: The high and the popular in art David Novitz
The New Validation of Popular Culture: Sense and sentimentality in academia Michael Schudson
Pearls and Swine: The intellectuals and the mass media Simon Frith and Jon Savage
"It's a Thin Line between Love and Hate": Why cultural studies is so naff Gary Hall
Aesthetics, Policy and the Politics of Popular Culture John Street
Popular Taste and Cultural Value
Literature, Television, and Cultural Values Rosalind Coward
"I'm Ashamed to Admit It but I Have Watched Dallas": The moral hierarchy of television programmes Pertti Alasuutari
What is Bad Music? Simon Frith
The Value of Value: Simon Frith and the aesthetics of the popular Michael Pickering and Keith Negus
With a reply by Simon Frith  
Old and New Ghosts: Public service television and the popular Jérôme Bourdon
Social Ethics and Cultural Politics
Is Nothing Sacred? The ethics of television Michael Ignatieff
Common Sense versus Political Discourse: Debating racism and multicultural society in Dutch talk shows Andra Leurdijk
Dear Shit-shovellers: Humour, censure and the discourse of complaint Michael Pickering and Sharon Lockyer
You Must Be Joking: The sociological critique of humour and comic media Sharon Lockyer and Michael Pickering
Headscarves and Porno-Chic: Disciplining girls' bodies in the European multicultural society Linda Duits and Liesbet van Zoonen
With commentary by Rosalind Gill and a rejoinder by Linda Duits and Liesbet van Zoonen  
Usha Zacharias and Jane Arthurs (2007) 'Transnational Cultural Politics and the Shilpa-Jade Episode'; Radha S. Hegde (2007) 'Of Race, Classy Victims and National Mythologies: Distracting Reality on Celebrity Big Brother'; Lieve Gies (2007) 'Pigs, Dogs, C  
Popular Culture and Democratic Contours
The Cultural Public Sphere Jim McGuigan
Who's Afraid of Infotainment? Kees Brants
A Day at the Zoo: Political communication, pigs and popular culture Liesbet van Zoonen
"Prime Time Politics": Popular culture and politicians in the UK John Street
Hidden Debates: Rethinking the relationship between popular culture and the public sphere Joke Hermes
The Jerry Springer Show as an Emotional Public Sphere Peter Lunt and Paul Stenner

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Chapter 1: 'Punch and Judy' and Cultural Appropriation

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