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Nursing Interventions for Infants, Children, and Families

Nursing Interventions for Infants, Children, and Families

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Pediatric Nursing

October 2000 | 742 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Designed for nurses and student nurses who work with this group, this book covers interventions for infants and children as clients, as well as the family as a client. Each chapter examines the theoretical and research literature support for the invention and links to appropriate nursing diagnoses and outcomes. A case study is presented to illustrate how each intervention is used in nursing practice. Implications for further research are presented with the goal of advancing nursing science by stimulating further study of nursing interventions.
Lynn Eidahl
Preconception Counseling
Sandra Jane Hahn
Reproductive Technology Management
Sandra Jane Hahn
Reproductive Counseling
Disclosure about Birth Origins

Carol Loan
Prenatal Care
Pamela D Hill
Lactation Counseling
Arnette M Anderson
Fathering Promotion
Janice Denehy
Parenting Promotion
Lou Ann Montgomery
Developmental Care
Preterm Infant

Rita H Pickler
Non-nutritive Sucking
Kathryn Moore Breitbach
Kangaroo Care
Christine L Doyle and Cynthia S Hockman
Supportive Positioning
Marie L Lobo
Early Intervention
Janet K Williams
Genetic Counseling
Michele J Eliason
Perinatal Substance Abuse Treatment
Jane E Wilkins
Grief Work Facilitation
Perinatal Loss

Deborah K Bahe
Case Management
Marion E Broome and Myra Martz Huth
Preparation for Hospitalization, Surgery and Procedures
Mary E Tiedeman, Kathleen A Simon and Stephanie Clathworthy
Therapeutic Play
Charmaine Kleiber
Martha Craft-Rosenberg
Sibling Adaptation Counseling
Anita Nicholson
Visitation Facilitation
Susan M Elek
Friendship Promotion
Kathleen Knafl, Janet Deatrick and Adrienne Kirby
Normalization Promotion
Kirsten Sueppel Hanrahan
Feeding Behavior Modification
Susan Poulton
Bowel Incontinence Care

Judith A Coucouvanis and Ann Marie McCarthy
Behavior Modification
Jo Ellen Crowe and Catherine Willoughby
Self-Mutilation Prevention
Kathleen Ross-Alaolmolki and Marjorie M Heinzer
Grief Work Facilitation
Julie Osterhaus
Telephone Consultation
Colette Lothe
Immunization/Vaccination Administration
Sara Arneson
Environmental Management
Automobile Safety

Nancy C Corser and Ann E Edgil
Sleep Enhancement
Julie L Ritland
Lifestyle Modification
Nutrition Promotion

Cynthia L Bennett
Exercise Promotion
Cynthia L Bennett
Athlete Health Promotion
Shelley-Rae Pehler
Self-Esteem Enhancement
Janice Denehy
Media Management
Sandra Rae Powell
Substance Abuse Prevention
Barbara Neitzel-Schneider
Teaching Sexuality
Mary Lober Aquilino
Teen Pregnancy
Primary Prevention

Leonie Pallikkathayil and Tammie Willis
Adolescent Suicide Prevention
Kathleen Ross-Alaolmolki
Teaching Conflict Resolution

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