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New Directions in Health Psychology

New Directions in Health Psychology

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Ajit K. Dalal - Fulbright Scholar (1982), Retired Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Allahabad, Allahabad.
  • Girishwar Misra - University of Delhi, India

January 2012 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
New Directions in Health Psychology critically explores the psychological dimensions of health and well-being in the Indian cultural context.

Beginning with an analysis of the notion of health and well-being, the book goes on to explore the strategies and identify the possible interventions that can be made to promote and facilitate health and well-being in India. The discussion incorporates diverse domains, ranging from physical to spiritual, within which health is conceptualized. It also attends to the issue of health needs of disadvantaged sections in the society, women in particular, and emphasizes on indigenous knowledge in the area of health.

Bringing together articles which are not easily available and providing an entirely new perspective, this book will attract a wide readership in the areas of social psychology, applied psychology, sociology, human development, anthropology, health psychology, clinical psychology and community development.


Psychology of Health and Well-Being: Emergence and Development

Ajit K Dalal and Girishwar Misra

Evolution of the Concept of Mental Health: From Mental Illness to Mental Health

R Srinivasa Murthi
Stress and Coping from Traditional Indian and Chinese Perspectives

M N Palsane and David J Lam
Concept of Psycho-Social Well-Being: Western and Indian Perspectives

Durganand Sinha
Cultural Perspectives on Nature and Experience of Happiness

Ashok K Srivastava and Girishwar Misra
Introduction / Puberty, Sexuality and Coping: An Analysis of the Experiences of Urban Adolescent Girls

Namita Rangnathan
Mental Disorders in Women: Evidence from a Hospital-based Study

U Vindhya, A Kiranmayi and V Vajaylaxmi
Research on Families with Disabled Individuals: Review and Implications

Lina Kashyap

The Guru as Healer

Sudhir Kakar
Working through Emotional Pain: A Narrative Study of Healing Process

Jyoti Anand
Yoga and the State of Mind

R L Kapur
Psychotherapy and Indian Thought

Alok Pandey
Anasakti and Health: An Empirical Study of Anasakti (Non-attachment)

Namita Pande and Radha Krishna Naidu
Living with a Chronic Disease: Healing and Psychological Adjustment in Indian Society

Ajit K Dalal
Near-death Experience in South India: A Systematic Survey in Channapatna Satawant

Resilience for Well-Being: The Role of Experiential Learning

Sweta Srivastava and Arvind Sinha
Health Modernity: Concept and Correlates

Introduction Amar Kumar Singh
Life Event Stress, Emotional Vital Signs and Hypertension

Sagar Sharma
Perception of AIDS in Mumbai: A Study of Low Income Communities

Shalini Bharat
Disaster and Trauma: Who Suffers and Who Recovers from Trauma, and How?

Damodar Suar


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ISBN: 9788132107552