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Mass Communication Research Methods

Mass Communication Research Methods

Four Volume Set
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January 2009 | 1 592 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Part One: Introduction

Part Two: Asking the Right Questions

Part Three: Researching Media Institutions, Organizations, Professionals and Production

Part Four: Researching Media Content and Representation

Part Five: Researching Media and Communication in Society: Consumption, Audiences, Politics, Problems and Pleasures

Part Six: Doing Communication Research

Theory in Media Research

O. Boyd-Barrett
The Complementarity of Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies in Media and Communication Research

K.B. Jensen
Media, Culture and Modern Times

G. Murdock
Remarks on Administrative and Critical Communications Research

P.F. Lazarsfeld
Media Sociology: The dominant paradigm

T. Gitlin
Communication-Research - One Paradigm, or 4

K.E. Rosengren
The Three Paradigms of Mass Media Research in Mainstream Comunication Journals

W.J. Potter, R. Cooper and M. Dupagne
The New Revisionism in Mass Communication Research: A reappraisal

J. Curran
Asking the Right Questions

J.D. Halloran
Cultural Compliance and Critical Media Studies

G. Philo and D. Miller
The History of Media Institutions

Finding Data, Reading Patterns, Telling Stories: Issues in the historiography of television

J. Corner
Problems and Possibilities in the Writing of Broadcasting History

A. Briggs
Media Professionals and Media Production

Participant Observation: Researching news production

S. Cottle
The Research Method

P. Elliott
News as Purposive Behaviour

H. Molotch and M. Lester
The Sociology of News Production

M. Schudson
Media Gate-keeping

P.J. Shoemaker
Research Approaches: Research questions and methodological requirements

R.V. Ericson, P.M. Baranek and J.B.L. Chan
New(s) Times: Towards a 'second wave' of news ethnography

S. Cottle
Holism, Communion and Conversion: Integrating media consumption and production research

D. Deacon
Political economy

The Political Economy of Communications

J. Wasko
Communications policy research

Facing In: Researchers and academia

S. Braman
Media Policy Paradigm Shifts: Towards a new communications policy paradigm

J.van Cuilenburg and D. McQuail
Content Analysis

Content Analysis

B. Gunter
Ethnographic Content Analysis

D.L. Altheide
Two Approaches to the Study of Advertisements

W. Leiss, S. Kline and S. Jhally
Reading the News

R.V. Ericson, P.M. Baranek and J.B.L. Chan
Semiotics and Discourse Analysis

Semiotic Analysis

A.A. Berger
'Suit, tie and a touch of juju' - the Ideological Construction of Africa: A critical discourse analysis of news on Africa in the British press

H.J. Brookes
How to View Commercials

P. Rutherford
Discourse Analysis

R. Gill
Structural and Narrative Analysis

Narrative and Genre

H. Newcomb
Structural Analysis and Mass communication

O. Burgelin
Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narratives

R. Barthes
Narrative Strategies in Television Science

R. Silverstone
Re(de)fining Narrative Events: Examining television narrative structure

M.J. Porter, D.L. Larson, A. Harthcock and K.B. Nellis
Framing analysis

The Constructionist Approach to Framing: Bringing culture back in

B. Van Gorp
The Framing Project: A bridging model for media research revisited

S.D. Reese
Framing: Toward clarification of a fractured paradigm

R.M. Entman
Cascading Activation: Contesting the White House's frame after 9/11

R.M. Entman
Getting Framed: The media shape Reality

C. Ryan
The Power of a Frame: An analysis of newspaper coverage of tobacco issues - United States, 1985-1996

C.L. Menashe and M. Siegel
The Empirical Approach to the Study of Media Framing

J.W. Tankard
Linguistic and rhetorical analysis

An Integration of Corpus-based and genre-based Approaches to Text Analysis in EAP/ESP: Countering criticisms against corpus-based methodologies

L. Flowerdew
Corpus Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis: Examining the ideology of sleaze

D. Orpin
Figures of Rhetoric in Advertising Language

E.F. McQuarrie and D.G. Mick
From 'Politically Correct Councillors' to 'Blairite Nonsense': Discourses of 'political correctness' in three British newspapers

S. Johnson, J. Culperer and S. Suhr
Tampering with Nature: 'Nature' and the 'natural' in media coverage of genetics and biotechnology

A. Hansen
The Meanings of 'Risk': A view from corpus linguistics

C. Hamilton, S. Adolphs and Nerlich
Visual analysis

Analysing Visuals: Still and moving images

S. Cottle
Rhetoric of the Image

R. Barthes
The Determinations of News Photographs

S. Hall
Building the World's Visual Language: The increasing global importance of image banks in corporate media

D. Machin
Taking television seriously: A sound and image bite analysis of presidential campaign coverage, 1992-2004

E.P. Bucy and M.E. Grabe
Five Traditions in Search of the Audience

K.B. Jensen and K.E. Rosengren
The Challenge of Changing Audiences - Or, what is the Audience Researcher to do in the Age of the Internet?

S. Livingstone
Audience and Readership Research

J. Kitzinger
Survey Research

Survey Research

P.J. Shoemaker and M.E. McCombs
The BBC Internet study: General methodology

S. Reimers
Focus Group Research

The Focused Interview

R.K. Merton and P.L. Kendall
The Methodology of Focus Groups: The importance of interaction between research participants

J. Kitzinger
From Focus Groups to Editing Groups - a New Method of Reception Analysis

B. Macgregor and D.E. Morrison
Rethinking the Focus Group in Media and Communications Research

P. Lunt and S. Livingstone
Selected Key Models in Media Audience and Influence Research

Cultivation Analysis

Growing up with Television: The cultivation perspective

G. Gerbner, L. Gross, M. Morgan and N. Signorielli

The Agenda-setting Function of the Mass Media

M.E. McCombs and D.L. Shaw
Reception Analysis

Patterns of Involvement in Television Fiction: A comparative analysis

T. Liebes and E. Katz
Uses & Gratifications

Media Uses and Effects: A uses-and-gratifications perspective

A.M. Rubin
Political and Public Opinion Influence

The Media, Public Opinion and Political Action

H. Semetko
Television, Public Opinion and the War in Iraq: The case of Britain

J. Lewis
Effects of News Coverage on Policy Attention and Actions - A Closer Look into the Media-Policy Connection

I. Yanovitzky

The Rise and Fall of Social Problems: A public arenas model

S. Hilgartner and C.L. Bosk
Media Discourse and Public Opinion on Nuclear Power: A constructionist approach

W.A. Gamson and A. Modigliani
Using Data Archives for Secondary Analysis

C. Seale
Dealing with Documentation

D. Deacon, M. Pickering, P. Golding and G. Murdock
Mass Media Research and the Internet

R.D. Wimmer and J.R. Dominick
Reaching Conclusions, Evaluating the Research, Writing the Report

I. Bertrand and P. Hughes.

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