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Managing Change

Managing Change

Second Edition
Edited by:

January 1993 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Managing Change explores the processes, pathways and outcomes of change and strategies for managing it. The authors answer a number of provocative questions regarding change within organizations where the goal posts constantly shift, the cultural and subcultural mix grows ever more divergent, and people remain as inflexible as ever.

This book is a course Reader for The Open University Courses Managing Development and Change (B751) and Foundations of Senior Management (B800).

Andrew Pettigrew and Richard Whipp
Understanding the Environment
Charles C Snow, Raymond E Miles and Henry Coleman, Jr
Managing 21st Century Network Organizations
Sue Dopson and Rosemary Stewart
What Is Happening to Middle Management?
Russell L Ackoff
The Art and Science of Mess Management
Gerry Johnson
Processes of Managing Strategic Change
James Brian Quinn
Managing Strategic Change
David A Nadler
Concepts for the Management of Organizational Change
Michael Beer, Russell A Eisenstat and Bert Spector
Why Change Programs Don’t Produce Change
Derek Pugh
Understanding and Managing Organizational Change
David Coghlan
In Defence of Process Consultation
Dorothy Leonard-Barton and William A Kraus
Implementing New Technology
Bill Mayon-White
Problem-Solving in Small Groups
Team Members as Agents of Change

Arthur A Owen
How to Implement Strategy
Colin Price and Eamonn Murphy
Organization Development in British Telecom
Leonard D Goodstein and W Warner Burke
Creating Successful Organization Change
Paul Iles and Randhir Auluck
Team Building, Inter-Agency Team Development and Social Work Practice
Graham Benjamin and Christopher Mabey
Facilitating Radical Change
G Walsham
Management Science and Organizational Change
A Framework for Analysis

Jeffrey Pfeffer
Understanding Power in Organizations
Nigel Nicholson
Organizational Change
Gareth Morgan
Organizations as Political Systems
Peter Marris
The Management of Change

A review of the First Edition:

`One of the best books available on the subject of Organizational Management' - International Journal of Strategic Management

This edited book is a fine compilation of readings on the management of change. The book provides answers to various questions on not only the planning, process and implementation of managing change but also gives insights to the role of change agents and many other necessary information. All essays in the book are well written and informative also for non-native speakers. I recommend the book in my course "Management in Social Organizations" in summer term, because it is one of the essential compilations of this subject. Because most of the literature available in German gives not such a good overview, I recommend this book as reading for the preparation of the final test and professional practice.

Dr Maik Arnold
Zentrum für Forschung, Weiterbildung und Beratung an der ehs Dresden gGmbH, University of Applied Sciences for Social Work, Education and Nursing
February 1, 2015

Detailed and useful resource regarding managing organisational change.

Mr Robert Freund
Learning & Development , Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust
March 20, 2014

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ISBN: 9781853962264