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Making Space for Children

Making Space for Children
Planning for Play in the Modern world

December 2020 | 242 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Setting out the key principles that underpin children's play, this book critically discusses the different perspectives that affect play, and recommends strategies for planning for play within different contexts, and for different professional sectors. The book draws on research from sociological and philosophical perspectives, and from social studies of childhood, and features international case studies and comparisons to provide a comprehensive overview of the subject.

Chapters include: 
  • barriers to children's play
  • health and development implications of constraints on play
  • the role of policy
  • the role of schools
  • the role of play advocacy
Chapter 1: The nature of childhood and children's play
Chapter 2: Making space for children's play
Chapter 3: Modern barriers to children's play
Chapter 4: The role of public policy
Chapter 5: The role of advocacy
Chapter 6: Play in the home
Chapter 7: The principles of a child friendly public realm
Chapter 8: The principles of good unstaffed play provision
Chapter 9: The principles of good staffed play provision
Chapter 10: Street play and the role of traffic management
Chapter 11: The role of parks and leisure
Chapter 12: The role of schools
Chapter 13: The role of childcare
Chapter 14: Towards child friendly cities, towns and communities

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ISBN: 9781526408266