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Making Schools Safe for Students

Making Schools Safe for Students
Creating a Proactive School Safety Plan

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July 1999 | 192 pages | Corwin
In today's schools administrators must have an active plan for creating and maintaining a healthy, safe environment for students and staff. This book will help administrators create such a plan for their school and the loose-leaf notebook format allows the reader to add their own ideas
About the Author
1. National Trends in School Violence
2. Information: The Key to Control
3. Incident Profiling
4. Categories of Offenses
5. Board of Education Policies
6. Dealing With Crimes Against Persons
A. Assault and Battery  
B. Drugs/Narcotics/Alcohol  
C. Extortion  
D. Robbery  
E. Sex Offenses  
F. Trespassing  
G. Weapons  
7. Dealing With Crimes Involving Property
A. Arson  
B. Bomb Threats and Explosive Devices  
C. Burglary  
D. Larceny/Theft  
E. Vandalism  
8. Security Resources
9. Search and Seizure
10. Creating a S.A.F.E. Team
11. How to Set Up Your Office
12. Violence in the Workplace
13. The Role of a Risk Manager
14. Elements of an Emergency Management Plan
Emergency Management Checklist
What Do You Do If...?
New Ideas
Resource A: Sample Emergency Management Plan
Resource B: Bullying

"Provides a practical approach to the daily safety concerns facing people on the frontline. An exceptionally useful tool to create a school safety plan that works." 

Bryan Blavatt, Superintendent of Schools
Boone County Schools, Florence, Kentucky

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ISBN: 9780803968882