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A Reflective and Student Focused Approach

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November 2024 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Authenticity is key for successful leaders—they remain true to themselves, drawing strength from their diverse constellation of experiences, perspectives, and heritages. Leadership invites you to challenge traditional norms about leader identity and develop your own positive leadership behaviors. 

This book’s transformational approach empowers you to critically examine your beliefs, values, and experiences, fostering a reflective self-knowledge base, an appreciation for multiple perspectives, and a sense of personal agency. It offers a clear, concise overview of leadership, emphasizing that there isn’t a single best way to lead; true leadership emerges from within. 

Your learning is supported by over 30 in-text activities and self-assessment quizzes designed to reframe your past experiences as leadership interventions and draw out valuable self-knowledge. This book is ideal for both undergraduate and postgraduate Leadership students. 

Andrei A. Lux is a Lecturer in Leadership at the School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University. 
Chapter 1: Introduction to Leadership
Chapter 2: Global Leadership Context
Chapter 3: Personality, Traits, and Psychopathy
Chapter 4: Situational, Servant, and Authentic Leadership
Chapter 5: Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
Chapter 6: Culture, Diversity, and Inclusive Leadership
Chapter 7: Values, Integrity, and Ethical Leadership
Chapter 8: Self-Awareness and Leadership Development
Chapter 9: Power, Influence, and Communication
Chapter 10: Practical Leadership Skills
Chapter 11: Leading Teams and Managing Conflict
Chapter 12: Leading People Through Change


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This book is accompanied with a set of comprehensive Microsoft PowerPoint slides for each Chapter. The slides include web links and QR Codes for the 34 online Activities and the 12 Videos that are embedded throughout the text. The PowerPoints can be downloaded and adapted to suit individual teaching needs.

Teaching Guide

This book also comes with a Teaching Guide that provides practical guidance and support for lecturers using this textbook in their teaching. The Teaching Guide explains how to prepare for and deliver the content in class, and includes a Quick-Start Guide that outlines simple steps to easily deploy this material to get started.

Alongside the book, you now have everything you need to start teaching contemporary leadership.

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