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Leadership Games

Leadership Games
Experiential Learning for Organizational Development

July 2012 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Leadership Games presents twenty-five practical, inexpensive experimental activities designed to be used in various leadership training and development programmes.This book centers on those areas of primary concern to todays managers, team leadership, risking innovation, fostering collaboration, managing conflict, and using diversity.

The author has extensive experience both in the academic and consulting word

(including being a past President of the Outward Bound program in Rockland, Maine).

Ways of Thinking about Leadership Development
Cueing the Exercises
Exercises on Risking Innovation
Exercises on Fostering Collaboration
Exercises on Managing Conflict
Exercises on Using Diversity
The Exercises in Play
A Story of Real Organizational Change


"An indispensable book for HRD managers and consultants." 

The Financial Express

Our staff reviewed this publication. We found it to be useful as instructor reference but not appropriate for use as a textbook in the manner we had envisioned. It could potentially be used as a textbook in a course for the training of educators.

Mr G Witman
Lean Performance Center, Fox Valley Technology College - Riverside
January 29, 2010

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