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Topics in Early Childhood Special Education

Topics in Early Childhood Special Education

eISSN: 15384845 | ISSN: 02711214 | Current volume: 44 | Current issue: 1 Frequency: Quarterly
Topics in Early Childhood Special Education (TECSE) focuses on information that will improve the lives of young children with special needs and their families. The practical nature of this journal helps professionals improve service delivery systems for preschool children with special needs. Each issue features reports of original research, literature reviews, conceptual statements, position papers, and program descriptions.

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... communicates information about early intervention, which is defined broadly and includes services provided to (a) infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who are at risk for or display developmental delays and disabilities and (b) the families of such youngsters. TECSE includes articles on personnel preparation, policy issues, and operation of intervention programs. The intent is to publish information that will improve the lives of young children and their families. Manuscripts from (a) diverse theoretical perspectives, (b) all disciplines related to early intervention, and (c) all authors with information of value to the early intervention community are welcome. There are two topical issues—which address an identified problem, trend, or subject of concern and importance to early intervention—and two non-topical issues.

Erin E. Barton Vanderbilt University, USA
Editorial Assitant
Elizabeth A. Pokorski Hopebridge Autism Therapy Center
Associate Editors
Rashida Banerjee University of Denver, USA
Jennifer A. Brown University of Georgia, USA
Christan Coogle George Mason University, USA
Justin D. Lane University of Kentucky, USA
Jennifer R. Ledford Vanderbilt University, USA
Brian Reichow University of Connecticut, USA
Charis Wahman Michigan State University, USA
Kelly Whalon Florida State University, USA
Consulting Editors
Yusuf Akemoglu University of Alabama, USA
Jessica Amsbary University of North Carolina, USA
Crystal Bishop University of Florida, USA
Kwang-Sun Cho Blair University of South Florida, USA
Brian Boyd University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Mary Beth Bruder University of Connecticut, USA
Rebecca J. Bulotsky-Shearer University of Miami, USA
Judith Carta University of Kansas, USA
Gregory A. Cheatham University of Kansas, USA
Ching-I Chen Kent State University, USA
Mia Chudzik University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Cinda Clarke University of Florida, USA
Maureen Conroy University of Florida, USA
Christan G. Coogle George Mason University
Catherine Corr University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Vivian I. Correa University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA
Jennifer E. Cunningham University of Washington, USA
Emily Curiel Western Michigan University, USA
Carol Davis University of Washington, USA
Lindsay Dennis Florida State University, USA
Karen Diamond Purdue University, USA
Sarah Douglas Michigan State University, USA
Glen Dunlap University of Nevada, USA
Lillian Duran University of Oregon, USA
Jessica R. Dykstra Steinbrenner University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Angel Fettig University of Washington, USA
Lise Fox University of South Florida, USA
Amber Friesen San Francisco State University, USA
Susana Gavidia-Payne RMIT University, Australia
Annie George-Puskar Fordham University, USA
Howard Goldstein University of South Florida, USA
Charles Greenwood University of Kansas, USA
Mary Frances Hanline Florida State University, USA
Jessica K. Hardy University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, USA
Hattie A. Harvey University of Alaska Anchorage, USA
Kathleen Hebbeler SRI International, USA
Mary Louise Hemmeter Vanderbilt University, USA
Robin Hojnoski Lehigh University, USA
Hyun-Joo Jeon University of Nevada - Reno, USA
Louise A. Kaczmarek University of Pittsburgh, USA
Ann Kaiser Vanderbilt University, USA
Katie Wolfe University of South Carolina, USA
Bonnie Keilty Hunter College, City University of New York, USA
Anne L. Larson University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, USA
Joan Lieber University of Maryland, USA
Rebecca G. Lieberman-Betz University of Georgia, USA
Karin Lifter Northeastern University, USA
Brandy Locchetta University of West Georgia, USA
Hailey R. Love University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Joseph Michael Lucyshyn University of British Columbia, Canada
Jinxiu “Serena” Lui University of Florida, USA
Bonnie McBride University of Oklahoma, USA
Jeanette McCollum University of Illinois, USA
Scott McConnell University of Minnesota, USA
Ragan H. McLeod University of Alabama, USA
Robin McWilliam The University of Alabama, USA
Hedda Meadan-Kaplansky University of Illinois, USA
Kathleen Meeker University of Washington, USA
Ann Mickelson University of North Carolina - Charlotte, USA
Molly Milam York University, USA
Chelsea T. Morris University of New Mexico, USA
Alicia Mrachko Bowling Green State University, USA
John Neisworth Pennsylvania State University, USA
Samuel Odom University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Michaelene Ostrosky University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Robert C. Pennington University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Carla Peterson Iowa State University, USA
James Pustejovsky University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Cathy Qi University of New Mexico, USA
Alissa Rausch University of Denver, USA
Robyn Ridgley Middle Tennessee State University, USA
Samantha N. Riggleman Saint Joseph's University, USA
Mollie Romano Florida State University, USA
Cordelia Robinson Rosenberg University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA
Steven A. Rosenberg University of Colorado, Denver, USA
Ann Sam University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Susan Sandall University of Washington, USA
Michael P. Sandbank University of Texas at Austin, USA
Rosa Milagros Santos University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Alana Schnitz University of Kansas, USA
Collin Shepley University of Kentucky, USA
John Sideris University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Patricia Snyder University of Florida, USA
Xigrid T. Soto University of Kansas, USA
Jane K. Squires University of Oregon, USA
Elizabeth A. Steed University of Colorado Denver, USA
Sloan Storie University of Cincinnati, USA
Katherine Szocik George Mason University, USA
Abby Taylor University of West Georgia, USA
Jacqueline Towson University of Central Florida, USA
Carol Trivette East Tennessee State University, USA
Amanda VanDerHeyden Education Research and Consulting, Inc., USA
Dale Walker University of Kansas, USA
Claire Winchester Winchester Consulting, LLC, USA
Juliann Janelle Woods Florida State University, USA
Hsui-Wen Yang Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, USA
Katie Zimmerman University of Kansas, USA
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