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Health Psychology

Health Psychology

First Edition
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March 2016 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Hormones in your gut can affect the way you behave, prenatal infections have been associated with the development of schizophrenia and women doing shift work are more likely to develop diabetes. This book looks at fieldwork and health promotion through a psycho-social and biological perspective, to limit the occurrence of illness. We might not always be successful in preventing or overcoming every pathological condition through psychological and life-style changes, but at the least, stress can be diminished and quality of life can be enhanced.  

The author presents both key and up-to-date studies to help the reader explore the varied ways in which the biological, physiological and social factors at an individual and systematic level all affect psychology and how effective interventions can influence the health of a population.

Mapped to course requirements and exploring bio-social, developmental and life-style factors in relation to physical and psychological disturbances, Health Psychology is an indispensable companion for undergraduate and postgraduate students in psychology, health sciences, nursing and education students.

Supported by a wealth of learning features and additional content, this book will give your students:

  • Access to the SAGE companion website which includes interactive quizzes, author selected videos, further reading, glossaries, testbanks and powerpoint slides
  • 17 chapters packed with case studies, the latest research and areas of study
  • The knowledge and skills to link theory to practice
Health Psychology Described
Methodological Approaches in Health Psychology
Biological Systems and Functioning
The Stress Process
Neurobiological Stress Responses
Healthy Behaviours, Unhealthy Behaviours and Behavioural Change
Life Style Factors
Cardiovascular Illness and Related Disorders
Immune-Related Disorders
Major Physical Illness
Dealing with Illness
Caregiving, Death and Grief
From Molecules, to Individuals, to Communities, to Policy


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For students

  • Author-selected videos 
  • Interactive quizzes  
  • Scholarly journal articles

For instructors     

  • Testbanks  
  • PowerPoint slides 

A useful introductory text for the undergraduate student interested in brain and behaviour. Hymie Anisman has drawn on his years of experience and stellar record to write a personal, approachable and very readable book that clarifies the intimate relationship between brain and body in the control of health. 

Professor Quentin J. Pittman
University of Calgary, Canada

Health Psychology offers a range of information related to current health issues and trending areas of research. Clearly presented with a good selection of supporting case studies, both under and post graduate students will find this text useful. I am currently using it with Level 3 Diploma Heath and Social Care students who have commented on the links to practice. Excellent companion website which has supported planning and delivery of key information.

Mrs Victoria Lappin
Health , Gateshead College
September 23, 2016

Fits our course really well, with some great content on behavioural change alongside the traditional health psychology content

Dr Elizabeth Whelen
Dept of Psychology, Chester University
July 29, 2016

A useful textbook suitable for both level 3 and undergraduate students interested in health behaviours. It covers a wide range of topics with current research. It would benefit from more visually appealing images rather than black and white.

Nursing , Manchester College of Arts & Techn.
June 29, 2016

A useful text supporting students to increase their knowledge around health behaviours and lifestyle factors and the underlying psychology across the lifespan.
Clearly laid out and accompanied by a supportive website. A very useful resource.

Mrs Michelle Thomas
Faculty of Health, Sport and Science, University of South Wales (Glamorgan)
June 7, 2016

Valuable resource for assisting nursing students in understanding key concepts

Mrs Lara Matthews
Health, Nursing & Midwifery (Dumfries), University of the West of Scotland
June 7, 2016

this book covers many aspects of health related psychology that especially touches on the role of the midwife. i would strongly recommend this book to all midwifery students covering from menstruation right through to breast feeding. a comprehensive book that is also a pleasure to read for personal interest

Dr ellen kitson-reynolds
Faculty of health sciences, Southampton University
March 30, 2016

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 4: The Stress Process