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Introducing Forensic and Criminal Investigation

Introducing Forensic and Criminal Investigation

First Edition

March 2013 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book is a lucid and practical guide to understanding the core skills and issues involved in the criminal investigation process.

Drawing on multiple disciplines and perspectives, the book promotes a critical awareness and practical comprehension of the intersections between criminology, criminal investigation and forensic science, and uses active learning strategies to help students build their knowledge.

The book is organised around the three key strategic phases in a criminal investigation:

- Instigation and Initial Response

- The Investigation

- Case Management

Each strategic phase of the investigative process is carefully explained and examined. Alongside this practical approach, theoretical perspectives and academic research are laid bare for students.

Introducing Forensic and Criminal Investigation is essential reading for students in criminology, criminal justice, policing, forensic psychology and related courses.

A Brief History of Criminal Investigation
Criminal Investigation and Victims
Strategic Phase One: Instigation and Initial Response
Initial Response and Crime Scene Lockdown
Crime Scene Examiners
Strategic Phase Two: The Investigation
Investigative Strategy
Forensic Science Specialisms: Palynology, Entomology and DNA
Electronic and Passive Data
Suspect Prioritisation, Behavioural Analysis and Profiling
Interviewing Victims and Witnesses
Suspect Interviews
Strategic Phase Three: Case Management
Case Files
Case Reviews

I had great fun with this book and my first year students. We used it to create a number of role plays which the students researched and scripted using the book. Finally they acted them out for their final presentation. Very accessible and a great primer for further research.

Mr Neil Van Dokkum
Dept of Applied Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
June 3, 2014

It was a good book but was not as good as another book offered by SAGE.

Dr Clint Osowski
Criminal Justice, Texas A & M International Univ
April 17, 2014

While this book has relevance for students undertaking modules in investigatory practice (which is an optional module on our programme) perhaps future versions can embed more the ethical issues that challenge the investigator

Mr Ashley Tiffen
Institute of Policing and Criminal Justice Studies, University of Cumbria
April 8, 2014

Now part of the recommended reading for the MSc Criminal Investigation programme. This builds nicely upon existing literature and helps to bridge the gap between the investigator and the forensic examiner

School of Law and Criminology, Derby University
December 4, 2013

This book was found to be very practical and applicable to the subject field. This book is easy to read and understand and will most definitely add value to students registering for all investigation of crime modules and forensic investigation modules.

This book will most definitely be recommended to the University of South Africa Library as well as the library of the South African Police Servics.

Dr Juanida Horne
Criminology, University of South Africa
July 16, 2013

This text covers almost all of the aspects we need for one of the larger modules that we run as part of our course.

Ms Jo Dawkins
Department of Life Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University
June 17, 2013

Informative and current. Essential reading for students undertaking criminal investigation studies

Mr Maurice Collins
Crimina Justice and Social Studies, Bucks New University
May 29, 2013

Quite a lot of the material is available in other sources, particularly as we have quite a few authors on the team here. The one thing I really wanted was a clear chapter on tying in the forensic evidence with the interview strategy because forensic evidence and the crime scene can drive the interview process (to an extent). However I think the book will be a useful supplementary text to those already on offer and, rather refreshingly, having Tony Adams on the team is very useful. To be blunt: I am a little tired of text books professing their views when the authors have not actually applied their aparent knowledge in real life.

Department of Law and Criminal Justice, Canterbury Christ Church University
May 28, 2013

A comprehensive and illustrative volume covering all aspects of forensic and criminal investigation. The authors also make impressive use of case studies to illustrate relevant points and aspects of investigation.

Dr Peter Hall
Other, Coventry University
May 24, 2013

A much needed text.

Mrs Melanie Wellsmith
Div of Criminology, Sociology & Psyc., Huddersfield University
May 21, 2013

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