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International Relations Theory

International Relations Theory

Third Edition

April 2017 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With chapters on all the major theories of international relations, accompanied by contemporary examples from popular culture, film and literature, this Third Edition is the ideal introduction to the key perspectives in the field.

Key features:

  • 30% new content, with all chapters revised and updated 
  • Useful learning features including further reading, 'questions to ponder', 'common pitfalls' and 'taking it further' boxes, to help you extend your thinking beyond the classroom   
  • Invaluable chapters on getting the best out of your knowledge of International Relations Theory in essays and exams, including real life examples of best practice.  
Part I Introduction to Your Course in IR Theory
Chapter 1: What is International Relations?
Chapter 2: International Relations Theory
Chapter 3: Theoretical Debates
Part II Theories of IR
Chapter 4: Liberalism
Chapter 5: Realism
Chapter 6: Neorealism and Neoliberalism
Chapter 7: The English School
Chapter 8: Constructivism
Chapter 9: Marxism
Chapter 10: Critical Theory
Chapter 11: Feminism
Chapter 12: Poststructuralism
Chapter 13: Postcolonialism
Chapter 14: Green International Theory
Part III Lectures, Tutorials, Coursework and Exams
Chapter 15: Making The Most Of Theory In Lectures and Tutorials
Chapter 16: Making The Most Of Theory In Essays
Chapter 17: Examples Of Good Practice In IR Theory Essays
Chapter 18: Making The Most Of Theory In Exams
Part IV Additional Resources

Daddow’s book is one of the best reference books in the discipline of International Relations.  It is highly accessible, written in an engaging style that skillfully combines theory with practice. I would not hesitate to  recommend this essential book to students of international politics. I am always happy to recommend Daddow’s book to my students  whenever they need clear explanations to highly theoretical questions.

Tunç Aybak
Middlesex University

The new edition of Daddow’s International Relations Theory offers an invaluable introduction for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are completely new to the field. Written in an accessible style with user-friendly features and examples, the book succinctly covers the full range of theories from Liberalism, through Feminism and Poststructuralism to Green Theory. The advice on using IR theory in tutorials, exams and essays makes this a crucial study guide. There is no better IR theory primer on the market.

Dr Dan Bulley
Oxford Brookes University

Now in a Third edition, International Relations Theory remains the go to text for students new to the theory of international relations. Within one compact text Oliver Daddow provides clear and concise introductions to the main strands of contemporary theorising, and invaluable guides for writing essays and revising for exams. Students of International Theory will find this book both a welcoming invitation to study, and an essential and reliable guide.

Stephen Hobden
University of East London

International Relations Theory is an accessible and engaging text that provides students with a broad and diverse introduction to different perspectives in IR. This book encourages students to be active learners and citizens in their approach to IR theory. Daddow shows IR theory to be a messy field of contrasting approaches but provides students with the tools to navigate this messiness and apply it to real world problems of international politics.

Dr Eleanor Knott
London School of Economics

very good book which has been added to my reading list. Daddow provides the reader with explanations and guidance to develop their knowledge

Mr Michael Donaldson
Care Humatities and sport, North Glasgow Collge
August 15, 2019

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Chapter 1: What is International Relations?

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