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International and Comparative Employment Relations

International and Comparative Employment Relations
Global Crises and Institutional Responses

Seventh Edition
Edited by:
  • Greg J. Bamber - Professor, International Consortium for Research in Employment & Work, Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University, Australia
  • Fang Lee Cooke - Monash University, Australia
  • Virginia Doellgast - Anne Evans Estabrook Professor of Employment Relations and Dispute Resolution, Cornell University, ILR School, USA
  • Chris F Wright - Associate Professor & Co-Director of the Sydney Employment Relations Research Group, University of Sydney, Australia
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March 2021 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Established as the standard reference for a worldwide readership of students, scholars and practitioners in international agencies, governments, companies and unions, this text offers a systematic overview of international employment relations. 

Chapters cover the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, China, India and South Africa.

Experts examine the context of employment relations in each country: economic, historical, legal, social and political. They consider the roles of the major players and outline the various processes of employment relations, including collective bargaining and arbitration, consultation and employee involvement.

The seventh edition has been thoroughly updated with new examples and discussion questions to engage students and encourage critical thinking. A revamped set of online resources includes PowerPoint slides for lecturers to use in their teaching, as well as useful web links to enhance learning. 
Foreword Guy Ryder, Director-General, International Labour Organization

Chris F. Wright, Greg J. Bamber, Virginia Doellgast & Fang Lee Cooke
Chapter 1 Introduction: Internationally Comparative Approaches to Studying Employment Relations
Stewart Johnstone & Tony Dobbins
Chapter 2 Employment Relations in the United Kingdom
Harry C. Katz & Alexander J.S. Colvin
Chapter 3 Employment Relations in the United States
Scott Walsworth, Sean O’Brady & Daphne G. Taras
Chapter 4 Employment Relations in Canada
Chris F. Wright & Sarah Kaine
Chapter 5 Employment Relations in Australia
Lisa Dorigatti & Roberto Pedersini
Chapter 6 Employment Relations in Italy
Élodie Béthoux & Patrice Laroche
Chapter 7 Employment Relations in France
Berndt K. Keller & Anja Kirsch
Chapter 8 Employment Relations in Germany
Søren Kaj Andersen, Nana Wesley Hansen, Jørgen Steen Madsen & Jesper Due
Chapter 9 Employment Relations in Denmark
Katsuyuki Kubo & Kazuya Ogura
Chapter 10 Employment Relations in Japan
Byoung-Hoon Lee
Chapter 11 Employment Relations in South Korea
Fang Lee Cooke
Chapter 12 Employment Relations in China
Ernesto Noronha & Premilla D’Cruz
Chapter 13 Employment Relations in India
Johann Maree, Gilton Klerck & Asanda-Jonas Benya
Chapter 14 Employment Relations in South Africa
Virginia Doellgast, Chris F. Wright, Fang Lee Cooke & Greg J. Bamber
Chapter 15 Conclusions: Globalisation, Crises and Institutional Responses


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The new edition of this widely admired text analyses systematically the rapidly changing world of employment relations in a range of countries. It places similarities and differences in a powerful framework embracing global and national forces and the strategies and choices of governments, employers and workers.

Paul Edwards
University of Birmingham, UK

This new edition provides an excellent, up-to-date entry point into the study of international and comparative employment relations. Readers will benefit greatly from its geographic coverage and conceptual insights.

Michele Ford
University of Sydney, Australia

By virtue of a veritable who’s who of international experts authoring the country chapters, a review of the central theoretical debates in the field that is comprehensive and sophisticated, and attention to key challenges facing employment relations, including timely discussions of climate change and global public health crises, this volume is the best compendium of employment relations scholarship available.

Chris Howell
Oberlin College, USA

This comprehensive book has long been essential for the study of comparative employment relations. The new edition brings the coverage right up to date, with a focus for example on the crucial issue of COVID-19 and the world of work.’ (Richard Hyman, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK) ‘The most enduring and valuable book in the field of international and comparative employment relations in the last 30 years, the seventh edition covers advanced and emerging economies with insightful theoretical implications from a comparative perspective.

Dong-One Kim
Korea University; former president, International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA)

The 7th edition of the book builds on, and extends, the contributions of the earlier versions in a unique manner. This is a comparative and international book that is an important reference point for any scholar or student in the subject. It continues to broaden both the intellectual and empirical horizons of the subject allowing us to appreciate the nuances and differences – but also curious similarities – of different systems and national contexts. It is a significant reference point.

Miguel Martínez Lucio
University of Manchester, UK

The 7th edition of this established book is a gem: with an ever-stronger and more diverse team of contributors, it combines the rigorous analytical clarity of the previous editions with new perspectives and insights on the recent trends of precarious work, transnational economic, technological and environmental forces, and new forms of employer and employee activism.

Guglielmo Meardi
Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

This new edition has grown in stature and sophistication. It demonstrates why an understanding of better work and the institutions that help to achieve it are so important, for those in the world of work and those preparing to enter it.

Gregor Murray
Université de Montréal, Canada

This classic book is an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for everyone – scholars, students and practitioners – interested in international and comparative perspectives on employment relations. The book offers important analysis of a multitude of national systems, as well as a discussion on current challenges facing the world of work, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mia Rönnmar
Lund University, Sweden; president, International Labour & Employment Relations Association (ILERA)

This comprehensive book has long been essential for the study of comparative employment relations. The new edition brings the coverage right up to date, with a focus for example on the crucial issue of COVID-19 and the world of work.

Richard Hyman
London School of Economics and Political Science, UK; founding editor of the European Journal of Industrial Relations

This new edition of a highly praised book is commended for its timely analysis of the impact of globalisation on national industrial relations.

Janice Bellace
University of Pennsylvania, USA; former president, International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA)

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