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Integrating Spirituality into Multicultural Counseling

Integrating Spirituality into Multicultural Counseling

September 1999 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`There is a lot of research quoted in this book, and it is scholarly in all the right ways. It also contains a multitude of case vignettes and quizzes, which could be used in workshops. It deserves attention from anyone concerned with counselling. After all, in a sense all counselling is multicultural counselling' - BACP North London Magazine

`Finally! A book that examines the interface between spirituality and multiculturalism. Mary Fukuyama and Todd Sevig have created a timely masterpiece that provides a holistic view of multiculturalism, one that integrates spirituality into its fabric. The authors appropriately cover less known spiritual paths, such as Native American and Afrocentric perspectives. The chapter on developmental models of the spiritual journey is especially useful to counsellors and other helping professionals. The authors also tackle the challenging question of positive and negative expressions of spirituality. The self-awareness questions in each chapter prompt readers to examine their own spiritual and multicultural experiences and beliefs. Numerous case examples stimulate helping professionals to grapple with realistic and multifaceted issues that their client's face. The integration of materials from diverse spiritual and multicultural perspectives makes this book a unique reference for anyone who is interested in this topic. As Fukuyama and Sevig note, spirituality is highly subjective and dynamic; their goal is to identify and explore good questions rather than propose definitive answers, The authors have succeeded in their goal. I highly recommend their book to counsellors and all helping professionals; for all counselling is multicultural, and spirituality is an essential component of the human experience' - Pamela Highlen, Ohio State University

`This is a very helpful book for mental health professionals providing therapy, counselling and health and social care services, as it explores and integrates multicultural and spiritual perspectives in a practical and informative manner. It highlights the fact that spiritual dimension has an enormous relevance to multicultural counselling' - Transcultural Psychiatry

This book challenges practitioners with the proposal that integrating spiritual values in multicultural counselling and exploring spirituality from multicultural perspectives are synergistic and mutually reciprocal processes.

Chapter topics include:developmental models of the spiritual journey; integrating spiritual and multicultural competencies; and healthy and unhealthy expressions of spirituality.

Paul Pederson
The Spiritual Journey

The Spiritual Journey
Developmental Models

Multiculturalism and Spirituality
Positive and Negative Expressions of Spirituality
Content Issues
Emptying and Releasing

Content Issues
Filling and Fulfilling

Process Issues
An Integrative Model and Spiritual Interventions

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