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Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
A Pragmatic Approach

A practical guide to designing mixed methods research in social science research courses; it goes beyond “how-to” and shows “why-to use”

August 2013 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This is a book about research design. In particular, it is about research designs for projects that collect both qualitative and quantitative data, so that their combined strengths will accomplish more than would have been possible with any one method. The approach presented here is broadly interdisciplinary, because Mixed Methods Research has interested social scientists from a great many fields, including: Anthropology, Communication, Criminal Justice, Education, Evaluation, Nursing, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Political Science, Public Administration, Public Health, Sociology, Social Work, and Urban Studies. Because this book emphasizes practical research designs, it will be most useful to practicing researchers -- including both students who intend to pursue such a career and those who already devote their energy to collecting and analyzing data. Whether you are a student or a more experienced researcher, you will learn how Mixed Methods Research gets done in the real world.
Chapter 1. An Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2. Pragmatism as a Paradigm for Mixed Methods Research
Chapter 3. Research Design and Research Methods
Chapter 4. Motivations for Using Mixed Methods Research
Chapter 5. The Sequential Priorities Model
Chapter 6. Preliminary Qualitative Inputs in Quantitative Research Projects
Chapter 7. Preliminary Quantitative Inputs in Core Qualitative Research Projects
Chapter 8. Follow-up Qualitative Extensions in Quantitative Research Projects
Chapter 9. Follow-up Quantitative Extensions in Qualitative Research Projects
Chapter 10. Multipart Sequential Designs
Chapter 11. Finding the Expertise to Combine Multiple Methods
Chapter 12. Conclusions: Further Thoughts About Research Design

Well written and easy for students to understand

Mrs Isabella Quinn
Sch of Health,Community & Educ Studies, Northumbria University
February 18, 2015

Not written at the appropriate level.

Dr Linda Cook
Kramer School Of Nursing, Oklahoma City University
February 17, 2015

Very informative and easy to read coverage of pragmatice approach to research. Both BSc & MSc students as well as current researchers will find this a valuable addition to their resources for understanding research methods.

Mr Trevor Wynter
Faculty of Health and Lifesciences, Northumbria University
December 10, 2014

Committee decision

Dr Bal Barot
Science, Lake Michigan Clg-Napier Ave
May 27, 2014

The text is clearly laid out with good use of diagrams and examples. However, more emphasis could be made early on, of the importance of the research question/aim in the research design and justification. Although in the conclusions of chapters 1 & 2, the requirment of a meaningful question is mentioned, it was not dealt with in sufficient depth. The risk is that students will continue to select a method before developing a clear question/aim. Nevertheless providing this is addressed elsewhere, it is a useful 'how to' text.

Dr Jillian Pooler
School of Dentistry , Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentis
April 23, 2014

This is a very helpful text indeed but it's vital but narrower focus make it a very useful supplemental or reference text but not an essential core text for those in this stream of study. For some it will be well worth the purchase investment though. Particularly those needing extra insight and assistance with shaping investigative data gathering for their dissertation and the underlying research required for applied theology at master's level.

Mr Clive Burnard
Leadership, Moorlands College
March 20, 2014

Good book, however might be to advanced for basic course level at Swedish university. However, potential for other courses (advanced level)

Mr Oscar Rantatalo
social sciences, Education
March 20, 2014

An interesting and welcome outline of practical approaches to making use of both quantitative and qualitative methods. It is nice to see an integrative approach. This would be well suited to masters level study of methods.

Dr Ben Short
Psychology, Salford University
February 21, 2014

Although I found some interesting ideas within this book I thought it would not engaging enough for students and that some of the terminology was unfortunately not accessible enough for the level of learning.

Dr Anthony Hickey
School of Nursing, Salford University
February 17, 2014

Very good read, with lots of key elements we are looking to involve within the course

Mr Stuart Priestley
Sport, Myerscough College
February 5, 2014

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