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Information Visualisation

Information Visualisation
From Theory, To Research, To Practice and Back

December 2022 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In a world of information overload, this book will help you to cut through the noise and communicate information with clear, efficient, and engaging visualisations. 

Taking you on a journey through a full range of different types of visualisations including infographics and motion graphics, the book:  

Explains the underlying principles behind information visualisation, including the science of visual perception and cognition
Provides easy-to-digest guidelines that bring research and best practice together
Showcases a range of real-world applied examples, and outlines the do’s and don’ts of different approaches
Shows how to use research methods to design with and for your target audience. 

From an expert with years of experience researching, teaching, and doing information visualisation, learn how to make better and informed decisions around visualisation design that are appropriate for both your data and audience.   

Underlying Theories For Information Visualisation
From Theory To Research, To Practice
From Static, To Interactive, To Motion
User-Centred Research Methods For Visualisation
From Theory, to Research, to Practice... And back

Information Visualisation: From Theory, To Research, To Practice and Back by Maria dos Santos Lonsdale is an excellent resource for researchers and practitioners interested in understanding the underlying principles behind information visualisation. This is a much needed book which provides easy-to-digest guidelines based on real-world applied examples.

Antonio Uzal
Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University

Building up from key cognitive and visual principles, this book provides a comprehensive resource for designers of information graphics. As the title promises, Lonsdale weaves research and practice together, distilling a wealth of scholarship into clear, actionable guidelines. 

Mitchell Whitelaw
Australian National University School of Art and Design

This is a great compilation of theories for visualisation, that are well explained. The described guidelines for designing visualisations are essentials to UG students first adventuring in this area. Students can see the theories in practice through the vast quantity of visual examples throughout the book, that show dos and don'ts. For a long time this has been a must needed book, which draws from renowned authors and well-known theories, that can now be found in one place. A great starting point to the area of visualisation.

Dr Sara Copetti Klohn Reader
School of Art & Design, Loughborough University
March 3, 2023

Ideal for Dissertation subjects using Visual story telling

Mrs Jane Joyce
AHed, Peter Symond's College
January 17, 2023

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