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India in the United Nations

India in the United Nations
Interplay of Interests and Principles

  • C.S.R. Murthy - Professor at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

August 2020 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
India in the United Nations: Interplay of Interests and Principles presents a holistic and systematic understanding of India’s long and rich association with the United Nations (UN) ever since it was established nearly 75 years ago. It examines notable patterns and phases of India’s role in the UN and focuses on key areas of contemporary relevance where India’s diplomatic efforts were at play. These include the India–Pakistan conflicts as well as other regional conflicts in the context of new threats to security, peacekeeping operations, countering international terrorism, protection of human rights, development diplomacy, internet governance and the question of enlargement of the Security Council.

This book offers glimpses of India’s persistence in framing its priorities and strategies for securing moral, legal and political endorsement in line with the established principles of the UN. The insights from these cumulative experiences of the present and previous governments are pertinent to crafting India’s future global role.

Introduction to India at the United Nations
Limitations of Consistency, 1945–89
Pragmatic Conservatism during the Unipolar 1990s
Opportunities and Obstacles for India at the UN in the New Century
India’s Aspiration for Permanent Seat in the Security Council
India’s Experiences as Elected Member of the Security Council
India’s Expectations and Experiences in the UN Peacekeeping Operations
India–Pakistan Conflict: A Test Case for the UN
India against International Terrorism at the UN
Contemporary Development Discourse and Diplomacy of India at the UN
India’s Human Rights Record at the UN
India’s Approach to Multilateral Governance of Internet
Conclusion: Aligning Interests with Principles

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ISBN: 9789353883522