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Human Resource Management in Public Service

Human Resource Management in Public Service
Paradoxes, Processes, and Problems

Fifth Edition
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April 2015 | 584 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Human Resource Management in Public Service: Paradoxes, Processes, and Problems offers managers and aspiring managers a thorough, provocative, and award-winning coverage of the complex issues of management in the public sector, from both employee and managerial viewpoints. Combining more than 100 years of professional and academic experience, authors Evan M. Berman, James S. Bowman, Jonathan P. West, and Montgomery Van Wart have created user-friendly and accessible material by highlighting dilemmas, challenging readers to resolve them, and enticing them to go beyond the text to discover and confront other dilemmas. Grounded in real public service experiences, the book emphasizes hands-on skill building and problem solving. Continuing the award-winning tradition of previous editions, this Fifth Edition covers all of the stages of the employment process, including recruitment, selection, training, legal rights and responsibilities, compensation, and appraisal.
Part I: Context and Challenges
Chapter 1: The Public Service Heritage
A Day in the Life of Maria Hernandez  
Some Challenges in Getting and Managing the Right People  
The Structure and Role of Human Resource Departments  
Historical and Institutional Context  
Reforming Government in the Clinton, Bush, and Obama Years  
Human Resource Management Principles  
Values, Ethics, and Moral Management  
Summary and Conclusion  
Chapter 2: Legal Rights and Responsibilities
The Foundations of Employment Law  
The Employment Relationship  
Balancing Employer, Employee, and Societal Interests  
Privacy Issues  
Preemployment Investigations: Truth, Personality, Health, Credit, and Criminal Records  
Summary and Conclusion  
Part II: Processes and Skills
Chapter 3: Recruitment
Factors in Recruitment: Employer and Applicant Perspectives  
Recruitment Steps  
Planning and Approval  
Position Announcements  
Recruitment Strategies  
Enhancing Recruitment Prospects: The Seeker’s Perspective  
Summary and Conclusion  
Chapter 4: Selection
The Bases and Origin of Selection  
Criteria in Selecting Selection Tests  
Selection: Four Screening Phases  
Initial Reviewing and Testing  
Interviewing and Reference Checks: Narrowing the Pool  
General Considerations for Those Conducting Interviews  
Choosing and Negotiation  
Postoffer and Hiring Issues  
Summary and Conclusion  
Chapter 5: Position Management
Three Types of Personnel Strategies  
The Origins of Position Classification and Management  
Job Design and Job Analysis  
Job and Position Descriptions  
From Jobs to Job Systems  
Summary and Conclusion  
Chapter 6: Employee Engagement
Pull, Push, or Drive?  
Human Resource Management and the Climate for Engagement  
Tools of Engagement  
Summary and Conclusion  
Chapter 7: Compensation
Equity and Expectancy Theory  
Pay Determination  
The Great Pay Debate  
Labor Market Forces: External Competition  
Job Content: Internal Consistency  
Individual Considerations: Fairness and Individual Contributions  
Summary and Conclusion  
Chapter 8: Employee-Friendly Policies
Workforce and Workplace Trends  
Family/Work Programs  
Health, Safety, and Wellness Programs  
Flexible Work Arrangements  
Keys to Success  
Traditional Benefits: Not-So-Employee-Friendly Trends  
Implementation, Assessment, and Evaluation  
Best Places to Work  
Summary and Conclusion  
Chapter 9: Training, Development and Learning
General Principles of Learning  
Training Strategies  
Organizational Learning Strategies  
Application: Ethics Training  
Summary and Conclusion  
Chapter 10: Appraisal
Appraisal Systems  
Improving the Process  
Disciplinary Systems  
Summary and Conclusion  
Chapter 11: Unions and the Government
Background: Context and Evolution of Employee Relations  
Differing Views of Unions  
Paradoxes and Contradictions  
Trends and Variations  
Summary and Conclusion  
Chapter 12: Collective Bargaining
Structure, Representation, and Collective Bargaining  
Strategies and Skills  
Bargaining-Related Reforms  
Hostility Versus Harmony  
Summary and Conclusion  


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“This text is current, topical and extremely comprehensive in its approach to the world of HR. It is an instructors dream!”

Joseph C. De Laduranty
California State University, Northridge

“With its latest edition, Human Resources Management in Public Service offers up a text that is both comprehensive and student friendly.”

Craig P. Donovan
Kean University

“This is one of the most comprehensive textbooks available on public sector human resource management.”

Kurt Fenske
Northern Arizona University – Yuma Branch Campu

“The award-winning textbook is a most exciting and comprehensive resource for teaching upper division and graduate courses in Human Resource Management in the market. While covering all appropriate issues, the new edition provides opportunities for learners to hone the skills necessary for understanding and solving paradoxical issues in the field.”

Eric Otenyo
Northern Arizona University

“Because it identifies the paradoxes in the public human resource management arena, Human Resource Management in Public Service provides students with a strong appreciation for the complexities of public sector employment issues.”

Anna Marie Schuh
Roosevelt University

“This book truly helps our students to understand democratic principle and provides a great tool for the human resource professionals.”

Melvin Rogers
University of Central Florida

Very relevant to the subject matter of the criminal justice coarse with reference to management in the public service environment.

Mr Patrick Mates
Please select your department, Waterford Institute of Technology
March 1, 2016

A very useful study book with easy to understand language and clear terms for all different academic levels. It is nice to see a relaistic view on public sector as i have researched this subject and can honestly say that this book covers all areas.

Mrs Laura Castles
Management, Torfaen Training
May 29, 2015

Course has not yet started

Professor Petra Brigitte Strehmel
Social Work, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
April 16, 2015

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Chapter 10: Appraisal

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