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How to Do Research and Get Published Webinar Library

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Manuscript Preparation and Journal Selection

Write and Structure an Article


Write a Literature Review


Convert Your Dissertation to a Manuscript


Write a Cover Letter


Organize and Present Data


Create and Edit Images Ethically


Conduct Reference Search and Structure Reference Section


Select a Journal

Write an Article's Front Matter

Peer Review and Publication Process

Navigating the Peer Review Process


All About Open Access


Promote Your Research


Ethics and Research Integrity


Copyright, Permissions and Author Reuse


Research and Methodology 

Secure Funding


Authorship, Etiquette, and Collaboration


Methodology and Publication Options


Qualitative Methodology


Quantitative Methodology


Digital World

Professional Development



Conferences and Networking


Guidance for Researchers from Lower Income Countries


Develop Research Agenda and Personal Academic Brand

Journal Involvement & Career Development