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How Leaders Can Assess Group Counseling

How Leaders Can Assess Group Counseling

First Edition

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November 2013 | 80 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A practical guide to evaluating group process and outcomes
Ample evidence demonstrates that well-planned and delivered group work can benefit members. Equally important is the continual improvement of group work practice, achieved through the evaluation of each individual group experience. How to Evaluate Groups provides practical guidance on how you can establish—or collaborate with researchers to accomplish—research designs aimed at evaluating group process and outcomes. This accessible book:

  • Covers group work measures, including both quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • Includes tips on implementing research designs
  • Draws from an up-to-date scholarly base that includes the latest research on group work
How to Evaluate Groups is part of the Group Work Practice Kit: Improving the Everyday Practice of Group Work, a collection of nine books each authored by scholars in the specific field of group work. To promote a consistent reading experience, the books in the collection conform to editor Robert K. Conyne’s outline. Designed to provide practitioners, instructors, students, and trainees with concrete direction for improving group work, the series provides thorough coverage of the entire span of group work practice.

This book is endorsed by the Association for Specialists in Group Work.
Chapter 1: On Becoming an Evidenced-based Group Practitioner: The Why of Assessment
Chapter 2: With so Many Options, What Should We Assess?
Chapter 3: Optimal Times to Assess Your Groups: the When of Assessment
Chapter 4: Assessment Measures for Group Leaders: The Which Ones to Choose Dilemma
Chapter 5: Putting the Parts Together and Tying Up Loose Ends: The How of Assessment
Putting the Parts Together and Tying Up Loose Ends: The How of Assessment

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ISBN: 9781483332253

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